Dear Future Student,
Our Future Scientific or Business Partner,

To have a chance of overcoming the civilisational-scale challenges of the 21st century, we must first break down the walls we have erected in recent decades between the worlds of art, science and business. Just as in the first universities of history, so in the University of the Future we must strive for cross-border discovery and the fullness of knowledge.

Our specific tool for this is creativity, in which László Moholy-Nagy's multifaceted talent and his rich legacy are an excellent inspiration.

What we are building at MOME Budapest is simply the most exciting place in East Central Europe. A world-class university enriching and refining the cultural and economic ecosystems around us through the excellence of our students, teachers and researchers, and thus, contributing to the future-proofness of our everyday communities.

Looking forward to new intellectual partnerships and co-creations. 

Gergely Böszörményi-Nagy

President of the Foundation

Ever since its foundation, the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest (MOME) has been aiming for excellence. Our creative work has always been characterized by the synthesis of social demands, technological opportunities, economic assets and environmental resources. Our university’s prominence comes from the achievements of past and current students as well as of our professors and from the internationally recognized quality of our creative and theoretical work. We are proud of this. We would most certainly like to continue to feel this way, therefore, we are keeping MOME Budapest in a state of continuous development.

Our university is home to artists, designers, teachers and professionals with lots of creative and social skills, who are aware of our world and who are ready to act for change, for improvement. It is an inventive environment that aims to discover and understand the world, we are living in, and to explore the constantly changing dimensions of our future. 

In the 21st century we are facing a tremendous amount of challenges and opportunities, that could be curbed by turning László Moholy-Nagy’s attitude into practice: by promoting the alliance of science and arts. The role of design and creative innovation is more and more significant, with the cooperation between different fields becoming more essential as well. For this reason, we are furthermore strengthening our role in research and development, thus enhancing the institution's performance and attractiveness. To this end, our renewed campus in Zugliget guarantees the best possible physical and technical background.

The MOME campus is a prominent symbol of the university’s identity and spirit. It serves as a platform for a unique creative ecosystem, uniting education, creation, research, innovation and technology. We are an open university: we cooperate with non-governmental organisations, civil initiatives as well as with representatives of the state, local governments, and market participants. We are building a strong professional and civil community that strives to become a key player both in Hungary and in the wider international environment as well.

József Fülöp, DLA


Member of the European
Network of
Higher Education Institutions
9 Zugligeti St,
Budapest, 1121