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MOME’s educational activity focuses on encouraging students to consciously assert their creative talent. We aim to form conscious creative personalities who are capable of giving high-quality solutions to problems in their professional field and research as well as actively contributing to the development of the human environment.

Our goal is to develop our students’ ability to prepare, design and implement a project. Due to the active interaction between professors and students, our work method enriches the learning process with positive human values. High standard services contribute to the intellectual development of our students, developing their ability to adapt to European models and emphasizing the importance of a culture-based identity.

Our university is a creative and intellectual workshop for design and visual arts where high quality experimental-creative work and scientific research take place. The workshop character is further enhanced by a technical library, a gallery responsible for displaying contemporary artistic processes and thoughts, professional publications and by portraying and maintaining a strong interaction between social, economic, cultural processes and artistic activity.

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