FORMA NORMA // Inspiring talks: Andrea Ruggiero and Jens Gijbels

Our next special FormaNorma event will feature guest speakers Andrea Ruggiero and Jens Gijbels. Their talks will be followed by the closing event of the Future Design Studio course led by Jens Gijbels, and the interactive exhibition of the second year Product Design MA students in the Gond-űző.

MOME Product Design is organising presentations on various product design topics every two weeks also this year, discussing the present and future, important dilemmas, issues, and intersections of product design with our teachers, former students and industry professionals. These talks are not just a source of inspiration, but also an opportunity to connect to the community.

The speakers of the upcoming special FormaNorma event are Andrea Ruggiero és Jens Gijbels on Wednesday 22 November from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. at Gond-űző.  From 7:00 p.m., FormaNorma continues with the closing event of the Future Design Studio course led by Jens Gijbels, and the interactive exhibition of the second year Product Design MA students will also be on display in the Gond-űző.

Jens Gijbels is founder of Fundamentals Academy (NL), and a dedicated designer with a passion for fostering a more impactful creative industry. At Fundamentals, he leads a team committed to empowering the next generation through educational programmes and industry collaborations. Gijbelst is actively involved in innovative research initiatives at Fundamentals Academy, addressing emerging design challenges and trends. He also leads the Future Design Studio course at MOME. You can learn more about Future probing methodology at the event.

Andrea Ruggiero is head and Creative Director of Andrea Ruggiero Design, with extensive experience in designing products, visual identities, and packaging. He previously collaborated with several design agencies. Ruggiero was also a Senior Designer at Razorfish, where, as a part of the Physical Solutions Lab, he was responsible for developing next-generation digital communication devices and defining new product-user scenarios. His work has been selected for numerous awards, including Interior Design’s Best of Year, multiple Good Design awards, the Green Good Design Award, the D&AD Award, and the IDEA / International Design Excellence Award.

The event will consist of presentations focusing on career processes and experience, providing inspiration for the latest generation of designers. 

17:00 - 19:00

Event information

Date: 22/11/2023, 5 p.m.
Venue: MOME Gond-űző

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