This year, MOME DOKU will open with the screening of an outstanding documentary by director Kata Oláh and cinematographer Sándor Csukás’s entitled Narrow path to happiness, which was also included in the competition programme of the BIDF, followed by a panel discussion.

The film provides insight into Gergő and Lénárd’s story, who in hopes of fulfilling their happiness and finding work, and openly declaring their relationship, leave their hometown Jónástelep near Salgótarján to escape extreme poverty and start a new life in Budapest. Their dream is for a musical film to show all the hardships they have experienced together, trusting each other. Life, however, takes an unexpected turn, and their plan appears to fall through, though not all doors are closed to them. 

The documentary highlights their most impactful moments of their journey, the challenges of their relationship, their banishment from their Roma community, and their family hardships. Their ability to face their past and pure love can help them overcome difficulties and offer a way out and back to happiness.

Participants of the roundtable following the screening: 
✧ Director Kata Oláh 
✧ Cinematographer Sándor Csukás 
✧ Sociologist Tímea Antalóczy 
✧ Culture researcher István Povedák 
✧ Design analyst Dávid Balázs 


Event information

Date and time: 5 March 2024 6:00 p.m.
Venue: MOME TWO, T_007 Film Studio

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