MOME students at the Kick Off BredaPhoto International Talent Meeting

BredaPhoto is a leading international photo festival in the Netherlands exhibiting the works of over 70 photographers. Launched in 2010, the international talent programme of the organisation BredaPhoto Academy and the MOME Photography programme has been working together from the start. In addition to MOME, universities from the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany are also involved in the collaboration to provide a platform for the latest generation of photographers to grow and make their debut.  

In mid-October, MOME Photography BA and MA students left the classroom to participate in the Kick Off BredaPhoto International Talent Meeting in the Netherlands. After the inspiring activities of the morning, they attended a variety of events to explore the next BredaPhoto theme – travelling – with the help of guest speakers, short films, and interviews. The short but rich event programme included exhibitions, screenings, and a spontaneous team building. The accompanying teachers were Kata Geibl, Arion Kudász and Ábel Szalontai.  

BredaPhoto exhibits visual stories that inspire, move, confront, raise new questions, and demonstrate that photography is a living art form that moves the emotions of society.  

From our University, Franciska Legát was selected into the programme in 2022, by the international jury. 


Event information

Date: 16 October 2023
Venue: Breda

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