Urban placemaking through the eyes of collaboration - Panel discussion

The panel discussion will cover the Urban Design Research for Children's Mobility research project and topics such as environmental psychology, place identity, and climate mitigation.

MOME Innovation Center is organising a panel discussion initiated by Rita Szerencsés, researcher at the Social Design Hub. The Urban Design Research for Children's Mobility research project, launched in 2022 and soon coming to an end, engages students from the 7th district of Budapest with the aim to explore how social design can increase the physical and mental safety of 8-13-year-old children in terms of the inclusiveness of community spaces and forms of mobility.

The panel discussion will cover topics such as environmental psychology, place identity, liminality, climate mitigation, engineering serving the purpose, traffic calming, classical transportation, micro / active mobility trends, the research process and its results, and the relevance of these topics.

The research was carried out in cooperation with the Institute for Human-Environment Transaction of ELTE PPK, Municipality of Erzsébetváros, Budapest Transport Centre (BKK), Hintalovon Foundation, and experts from MOME (Anikó Illés and Judit Bényei). The participation of Astrid Kemperman is financed by the Embassy of the Netherlands in Hungary. In addition to the above, experts from other relevant organisations are invited to participate in the discussion.

The participating experts:
- Astrid Kemperman - Urban Planning & Quality of Life Associate Professor, Eindhoven University of Technology
- Éva Beleznay – Senior Sustainability Consultant, HuGBC
- Dr. Andrea Dúll - Head of Department, ELTE-PPK Human Environment Transaction Institute
- Berta Molnár- Mobility Development, Associate, BKK
- Rita Szerencsés- Researcher, MOME Innovation Center
- Csaba Tóth - Manager, Erzsébetváros Climate Cabinet

The moderator of the discussion will be Judit Boros (Researcher, MOME Innovation Center) and the program will be held in English.

Please note: photos will be taken during the event; by attending, you agree to the use of these photos by the organizer for further communication and promotional purposes.

17:00 - 19:00

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