Photo books on the Seine

Date: 2023.11.23
Paris is the capital of photography in November when Paris Photo, the world's largest photography event, takes place. At the same time as Paris Photo, which attracts tens of thousands of visitors from France and abroad, the Concorde Atlantique hosts Polycopies, a fair dedicated to photo books. From 8 to 12 November, the Photography Department took part in Polycopies for the first time with its own stand.

The non-profit organization Polycopies was founded in 2014 with the aim of creating a platform for the distribution and promotion of independent photographic publications (books, artist's books and experimental publishing practices). Every year, the festival transforms the banks of the Seine into a giant transparent bookshop. This year, more than a hundred French and international publishers, universities and booksellers awaited visitors. Polycopies is a meeting place for amateurs and professionals. Collectors and creators, friends of photography, exchange ideas and share their artistic practices with the world.

After the VIENNA PHOTO BOOK DAYS in the spring, the students and teachers of the MOME Photography course took part in the photo book event for the second time. The MA students of MOME Photography, Enikő Dorogi, Anna Gajewszky, Franciska Legát, Anna Csejtei, Laura Szekeres, Laura Takács, were waiting for visitors at our stand next to the KABK school in The Hague, which was open until late at night. The selection of works by alumni, current students and lecturers gave an exciting picture of the professional journeys of MOME Foto, the pressing social issues that are currently preoccupying its Central European artists and which can be felt and experienced by the recipient within the framework of the almost two-hundred-year-old genre.

In addition to the exhibition of publications, various events - round table discussions, inaugurations and professional meetings - provided an opportunity to find out more about publications on a wide range of topics. MOME Fotográfia welcomed visitors to the Rendez-vous on Saturday at 11am for a discussion entitled Politics of the Individual, the Search for Identity in Young Hungarian Photography. Visitors were able to see a number of works that seek answers to current social issues by balancing on the border between the political and the personal.

This November weekend, we can safely say the city is in full swing, with exhibitions, openings and presentations awaiting art lovers. Bede's Kincső series was also exhibited at one of the Paris Photo side events, at Saint Laurent Rive Droite. The exhibition was selected by the curator Anthony Vaccarello. TOBE Galéria took part in Paris Photo again this year, representing many MOME Fotográfia alumni, such as Máté Bartha, Bede Kincső and Photography MA instructor Anna Fabricius. Even in an international context, their outstanding and persistent work is an important means of validation for our former students.

The Polycopies participation was organised by Krisztina Erdei, the trip organiser by Tímea Fábry and the professional manager of the project by Arion Kudász Gábor. Gábor Máté, head of the BA Photography course, Judit Gellér, Anna Fabricius and Éva Szombat, lecturers of the course, took part in the professional programme. 

More news

Each year, 10 billion plastic pens are discarded worldwide, contributing to non-biodegradable waste that contains harmful chemicals, which can cause health issues if not processed properly. Despite this, coloured markers are indispensable for both schoolchildren and professionals in the creative industries. The pHen, an eco-friendly pen that won the Outstanding Art Award at the 2024 Biodesign Challenge in New York was developed by a student team from the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design (MOME) to address this issue. In addition to this accolade, the pHen team also secured a scholarship and an opportunity for an independent exhibition next year.

How will space research change the world 20 years from now? How and what can the universe teach us? These are some of the questions The Jump into the Future! 2024 creative competition of the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design asked. Once again, the students presented innovative and exciting ideas for the fourth edition of the competition launched by the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design. The winning projects feature concepts such as the Floating Garden, which supports future food production, a space base focused on mining, a terraforming project, and the LifeBubble space habitat.

Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design (MOME) continues its tradition of providing inspiration to its graduating students by inviting internationally renowned creative industry experts to address the new graduates each year. This year’s guest speaker, Israeli-born American author and behavioural researcher of Hungarian descent Nir Eyal will be speaking at both the Bachelor’s and Master's graduation ceremonies. Understanding and raising awareness of the importance of habits is crucial for the future, as they drive not only our lives but also the economy.
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