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PhD research topics 2024
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Starting in September 2024
Doctoral degree programmes announced for 2024: Art Theory PhD (Design Culture section) Application deadline: 2 June, 11:59 p.m. (electronic upload)

PhD research topics 2024


Project proposal, Portfolio

  • Thorough understanding of the field
  • Researcher/designer project proposal
  • Summary of scientific and professional achievements to date (portfolio, CV, etc.)
  • Reference text: already published or scientific essay, paper written for admission

Language exam

Certificate of at least one intermediate (B2 level) combined written and oral English-language exam recognised in Hungary (languages accepted: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian).

Master’s degree

A Master’s degree in Design Theory or a Master’s degree in a related social science or humanities field, or in art design, technical engineering, or natural sciences, provided that the candidate has a relevant publication list and/or successful scholarships, other related academic or creative, design, art or design management, curatorial or other relevant work experience in the field and that their commitment to the field is well-documented by such professional achievements.

Admissions process


1 March 2024

The list of doctoral research supervisor and research topics for 2024, as well as the sample documents for applications submissions are published on the University website.


2 May - 2 June 2024 23:59

The application process can be started by clicking HERE after opening the interface.

To apply, you must fill in the application form. We recommend that you fill in the form as soon as possible, as we will send you an information letter after you have sent it.          


2 May - 2 June 2024 23:59

The application form is completed, the required documents in the format and with the name requested are uploaded, and the registration fee is paid. 

The required documents can be downloaded from the USEFUL DOCUMENTS menu.


Second half of June - beginning of July 2024

The admission interviews are conducted. Applicants are interviewed by an admission committee of at least 3 members appointed by the University Habilitation and Doctoral Committee (UHDC). The precise date and schedule of the oral exam will be notified to the applicant by email.


July 2024

The University Doctoral and Habilitation Council makes a decision on admission and scholarship spots based on the recommendation of the admission committee. 

The admission decisions will be posted by the Doctoral School on its website, and the official notifications will be sent by the university by 31 August 2024.


Entrance examination scoring:

Members of the admission committee 

  • give a score of 0–10 for the creative/design portfolio, publication, or reference paper submitted for the application.
  • give a score of 0–10 for the research plan submitted for the application (criteria: professional standards, innovative content, structure, and relevance for the MOME Doctoral School)
  • give a score of 0–10 for the oral interview (criteria: professional competence, communication skills)


The scores achieved are further weighted by the following percentages:

  • reference paper, publication list – 20%
  • research plan – 40%
  • oral interview – 40%

Documents to be attached

During the application process, the listed documents must be uploaded to the interface specified by the University as specified below:

I. Official documents

1. A copy of the Master’s degree

2. Copy/copies of the language exam certificate(s)

3. Declaration of Authenticity to official documents

4. A felvételi eljárási díj befizetésének igazolása

II. Research-motivation

5. Detailed CV

6. Research project proposal: at least 1,800 and up to 5,000 characters

7. Researcher motivational letter: up to 1,800 characters

8. Declaration of endorsement by the selected supervisor

III. Publication portfolio

9. Publication list

10. Creative/design portfolio (optional)

IV. Reference work

11. Reference work: e.g. a paper of at least half a sheet relating to the topic specified for the admission test, or a paper or exhibition portfolio published in a refereed journal with documented press coverage, etc.


State-funded form

Pursuant to Act CCIV of 2011 on National Higher Education, the costs of state-funded programmes are covered by the state budget, while the costs of self-funded programmes are borne by the student.

Self-funded form (for EU students)

The tuition fee for self-funded programmes for Hungarian citizens, or students who are subject to the same treatment as Hungarian citizens pursuant to legal regulations or international agreements, including students with the right of free movement and residence, is HUF 300,000/semester.

Self-funded form (for non-EU students)

For citizens of non-EU countries, the self-funded tuition fee is HUF 700,000/semester.

Useful documents

Name of document
Eredetiségi nyilatkozat 2024
Külföldi MA diploma elismertetési kérelem 2024
Témavezető elfogadó nyilatkozata 2024

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