About pragmatist aesthetics I Interview with Stefano Marino

Date: 2022.05.24
The prominent figure of Italian aesthetic discourse was interviewed by Bálint Veres.

Stefano Marino, professor of the University of Bologna, is credited with writing books about the philosophy of Radiohead and Frank Zappa, popular culture, and the philosophical aspects of fashion, as well as the Italian translation and interpretation of the works of Adorno, Gadamer és Richard Shusterman. 

The philosopher was asked by aesthete, associate professor with habilitation and head of the DLA programme of MOME, including about his relationship to Shusterman’s Pragmatist Aesthetics. 

The full interview is available at the Műút website at 

Marino will shortly visit Hungary to attend the annual conference of MOME’s Doctoral School together with numerous renowned aesthetes from around the world. The guest of honour of the event taking place on 25-28 May 2022 will be Richard Shusterman, whose essential book published in 1992 virtually revitalised aesthetics discourse. The conference marking the 30th anniversary of the first edition will explore the self-improving approach, various forms and impacts of pragmatist aesthetics and somaesthetics. 

Details of the international conference (The Promise of Pragmatist Aesthetics: Looking Forward after 30 Years)

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