Another Red Dot Award-winning MOME alumnus

Date: 2022.07.12
The prestigious accolade was awarded to the Ustory Design Studio for their luxury motor home design created for Dembell Motorhomes. The co-founder of the studio, product designer Dániel Ruppert is a MOME alumnus and instructor of its Vehicle Design programme.

The design of the luxury coach developed by Hungarians for Dembell Motorhomes won the Red Dot Design Award, the design industry’s equivalent of the Academy Awards, in the Product Design Category. As a result, Ustory Design Studio, founded by MOME alumnus and instructor Dániel Ruppert and brand strategist Fruzsina Csonka joined the line of award-winning brands such as Apple, Google and Ferrari. The awards ceremony took place on 20 June 2022 at the Aalto Theatre in Essen, and the best products are included in the exhibition Milestones in Contemporary Design at the world-famous Red Dot Design Museum.  
What made this award so special is that it honoured a design of an existing product already available on the market. The jury of 50 international experts described the design as follows: “Dembell’s vehicle blend timeless and elegant aesthetics with modern technology and a high level of comfort.” 

Dembell develops high-end motor homes featuring unique design and engineering innovations. In the course of the over 3-year joint design and development process with the Ustory team, it adopted the approach that design and engineering should be equally prioritised in a holistic fashion. 
The biggest challenge for the design studio was to ensure nothing in the vehicle’s looks bear a resemblance to a van or a bus. The goal was to create a sophisticated and elegant, timeless and truly car-like design, with a generous amount of living space. The characteristic, trademark Dembell-red stripe was intended as an important design and brand component, which can be used consistently on various surfaces. Ustory developed the basics of the brand together with the Dembell team from the strategy and brand messages to all major visual identity elements. 
Dembell Motorhomes design case study on the studio’s website: 
About the project on the Red Dot Design Award website: 
Dániel Ruppert previously gained experience working at Mercedes-Benz and Evobus Design Studio of Daimler Chrysler in Germany. He graduated from the Vehicle Design specialisation of the Product Design department of the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, where he is currently working as an instructor. 

The Vehicle Design programme of the university has recently received a further boost with the inauguration of the MOME Mobility Design Lab, one of the most state-of-the-art workshops in the region. The vehicle designers of the future will be able to use the most innovative technologies in the studio opened on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the collaboration with Mercedes-Benz. 

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