Aurum Futuri - Fanni Csernátony

Date: 2023.09.05
Fanni Csernátony DLA will reach an important milestone in her decade-long teaching career when she receives an award of excellence from her alma mater for her teaching work. Fanni started studying at MOME as a design student, and this year her studies culminated in her receiving her doctoral degree from the MOME Doctoral School.

In her teaching credo she looks back on her student years on several occasions. The experiences she gained during this time have played a fundamental role in her research and how she has developed her study programmes. In particular, she has been committed to participatory design, and as part of her doctoral research, she created the practice-based teaching aid “Participatory Design Tools”. In addition to teaching, she has regularly participated in development programmes aimed at supporting school education through design. One of her remarkable achievements in this area is the manual entitled “Design Thinking in Public Education”, which she wrote with MOME colleagues.

The courses she has participated in, collaborated on, and led have all been practice-oriented and based on active co-operation, with the aim of supporting students in their learning or work-related processes. Her course development and teaching practices are also based on feedback from students and colleagues, and involve continuous self-reflection and revision. As a teacher, she focuses on facilitation, with the workshop playing a central role as an educational tool and means for generating creative situations. Her deep and integrated knowledge combines her sensitivity to human mental processes with a methodological approach to design thinking and service design.

Fanni has helped create several, genuinely innovative study programmes at MOME over the past ten years.
She led the Design Solfege programme between 2015 and 2020, which is a compulsory course for students in the Design and Theoretical BA programmes, and then she took over the leadership of the Product Design BA programme. As part of MOME Open, she has also helped develop the Design Thinking and Service Design adult training courses. 
In 2020, as the recipient of a grant under the New National Excellence Programme, she had the opportunity to explore the applied service design labour market, which led her to propose launching a Service Design study programme at the university, which was a new challenge for her. The programme will be launched this September.
The Service Design specialised training programme will be part of our academic portfolio from autumn 2023, and Fanni will lead it.

Those who have had the opportunity to study and work with Fanni will realise that she is not only a teacher, but also a reliable mentor and leader. She is true example of how teaching is not just about transferring information, but also about building relationships and supporting personal growth. She promotes values such as perseverance, creativity, a positive attitude and accuracy. This is accompanied by a constant critical approach, which means she is always improving herself and her work while also inspiring those around her.

Based on Fanni’s work, we can say that her professional attitude is perhaps best characterised by self-identity, as her academic work strengthens her private practice work, which she has been doing as a member of the Cellux Group since 2013, and vice versa.

Her involvement in the work of her students and her personal connections with them, as well as her faith in continuous methodological development make Fanni an excellent teacher, and we are proud to present her with the Aurum Futuri Prize.

Balázs Püspök DLA
University Professor
Academic Director

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