Baden - Württemberg 70 – Traditionally innovative

Date: 2022.12.14
Innovations from Baden-Württemberg that is celebrating its 70th anniversary this year will be presented in an animation film by the Liszt Institute – Hungarian Cultural Centre Stuttgart in collaboration with Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design (MOME). The film was created at the initiative of the Institute by the Piros Animation team of MOME alumni, with sponsorship from the Ministry for Innovation and Technology.

The purpose of the animation short is to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the state of Baden-Württemberg, and pay homage to the innovative intellectual products coming from there and imperceptably defining our daily lives such as cars, superglue or windmills. It also sought to raise awareness about the flourishing German-Hungarian economic and cultural partnership going back several decades, resulting in the 20-year vehicle design and mobility collaboration between MOME and Mercedes AG based in the state.  

When developing the visual concept, the creators wanted to grasp the rich and diverse array of innovations originating from the state in a playful, at the same time easy-to-understand manner experimenting with novel animation techniques. Starting from German patents from the past, the film takes us through time and space to the present, riding in a Mercedes symbolising the collaboration to the Citadel in Budapest.  

The Liszt Institute – Hungarian Cultural Centre Stuttgart has organised several events this year to celebrate the anniversaries, and the film was screened on 1 December 2022 as the final act of these. At the invitation of the Director of the Institute Dr. Dezső Szabó B. the event was also attended by Chief Consul Dr. András Izsák, Chief Design Officer of Mercedes AG Gorden Wagener, Mercedes Exterior Design Director Robert Lesnik and MOME Rector József Fülöp DLA. The film is available here.  

Concept owner: Dr. Dezső Szabó B.
producer - supervisor: József Fülöp
creative producer: dr Zsuzsanna Vincze
animation: PIROS Animation (Vivi Hárshegyi, Bence Hlavay, Damján Lazin, Domonkos Erhardt, Barni Tóth-Justh)
project manager: Krisztina Zsömbör, Flóra Szilasi


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