Crisis-proof business planning - Service Design Day at MOME

Date: 2022.11.18
Behind-the-scenes secrets of the agile transformation of major companies such as Boeing, Siemens, IBM, or Daimler will be revealed by agile coaches and business leaders managing corporate transformations on 25 November at theVirtual Agile Community of Practice (VACOP) conference.

On the day before, on 24 November, Hungarian product and service designers will come to the MOME Campus to share their knowledge on the Service Design Day. The nearly fifty speakers will present intriguing business innovation, product and service design cases such as Roche, Tv2 Stream, Hungarian Telekom, OTP, or szállá

According to service design professionals, the best strategy in an uncertain business environment is to reinvent processes and services/products with the customer in the focus, improving customer experience while optimising operations. Corporate executives, business consultants, service design professionals and teachers, and everyone attracted to this new and increasingly recognised field and wanting to refresh their professional toolset will convene for theService Design Day on Thursday, 24 November.  

The event taking place at MOME Campus will feature some of the teachers and staff from the university that stands for design awareness. Speakers will include Vice Rector for Strategy and project lead of the University of the Future project Dániel Barcza, Head of Strategic Partnerships at the MOME Innovation Center Dalma Berkovics, social design researcher Bori Fehér, teacher at MOME Open Ákos Csertán and training development programme lead Máté Barna.

The Virtual Agile Community of Practice online conference sharing some unique professional insights will take place on 25 November. Speakers will include star professionals such as iconic senior consultant of Scrum.Inc  right-hand man of Jeff Sutherlandand co-author of Scrum@Scale Guide Avi Schneier, business agility lead of Accenture Germany, Scrum@Scale trainer and founder of Berlin Agile Meetup Thoralf Klatt, who lead the global corporate agile transformation for companies such Siemens, IBM, or Daimler, Enterprise Agile Transformation Leader of Boeing Debbie Brey, Principal Agile and Product Coach at John Deere and Scrum Trainer Jen Olderog, renowned Product Coach, OKR consultant, and co-author of the book Scaling Done Right Luiz Q Quintella, Interim Leader (Dutch Railways, CapitalBox, Dutch Post), Agile Coach, Agile Leadership Expert, and author of the highly successful book Agile Leadership Toolkit Peter Koning, and co-author of the agile bestseller Sooner Safer Happier, former head of Barclays’ global CoP and current Business Agility Coach & Trainer of Nationwide Building Society Zsolt Berend.  



More news

Each year, 10 billion plastic pens are discarded worldwide, contributing to non-biodegradable waste that contains harmful chemicals, which can cause health issues if not processed properly. Despite this, coloured markers are indispensable for both schoolchildren and professionals in the creative industries. The pHen, an eco-friendly pen that won the Outstanding Art Award at the 2024 Biodesign Challenge in New York was developed by a student team from the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design (MOME) to address this issue. In addition to this accolade, the pHen team also secured a scholarship and an opportunity for an independent exhibition next year.

How will space research change the world 20 years from now? How and what can the universe teach us? These are some of the questions The Jump into the Future! 2024 creative competition of the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design asked. Once again, the students presented innovative and exciting ideas for the fourth edition of the competition launched by the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design. The winning projects feature concepts such as the Floating Garden, which supports future food production, a space base focused on mining, a terraforming project, and the LifeBubble space habitat.

Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design (MOME) continues its tradition of providing inspiration to its graduating students by inviting internationally renowned creative industry experts to address the new graduates each year. This year’s guest speaker, Israeli-born American author and behavioural researcher of Hungarian descent Nir Eyal will be speaking at both the Bachelor’s and Master's graduation ceremonies. Understanding and raising awareness of the importance of habits is crucial for the future, as they drive not only our lives but also the economy.
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