Digital printing was the key focus of the Textile /R/Evolution professional open day

Date: 2023.05.09
The Textile /R/Evolution professional open day on 20 April was hosted by the film studio of the MOME TechPark, providing insight into the latest technologies of digital printing. Co-organised by MOME, Eurojet Hungária Kft., and the Association of Hungarian Light Industry, the event also featured presentations by the university’s alumni.

The event kicked off with a presentation by alumni Dóri Tomcsányi and Viola Balázs, who talked about the TOMCSANYI brand running successfully for 13 years and the role of digital printing and the knowledge gained at the university in the life of the brand.  
Next, president of the Association of Hungarian Light Industry Mrs Dr. Kokas née Dr. Lívia Palicska spoke on the subject of European sustainable and circular textile strategy. She described the challenges currently faced by the textile industry, the textile products placed on the EU market by 2030, sustainability issues and the system of OEKO-TEX certifications. 
Head of service Henriette Németh then took the floor. Her presentation “Digital printing in focus” covered the methods and processes for textile printing, in particular equipment available for this purpose from wide format printers through Transmatic calendar heat presses to digital cutting devices. 
The widespread availability of interior design decorations has significantly changed the use of textiles in recent decades. The raw materials offered by Berger Textiles, both for the interior design and the decoration industries, including Berger Samba, the world’s first backlit textile, Lumina, and Revolution used for decorations for the event were showcased, alongside three grand printers – the Signracer 1600 UV, the HP Stitch S500 textile printer and the Mutoh 461 UF – which were used by members of staff of the Association of Hungarian Light Industry to interactively demonstrate how products are made.  

More news

A vehicle developed jointly by MOME and the John von Neumann University can revolutionise urban freight delivery: Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design (MOME) unveiled a hydrogen and solar-powered vehicle at the climate summit in Dubai. The prototype of three-wheeled, multifunctional transport vehicle, developed through the collaboration of the two universities, was first showcased to the public on 1 December at the UN COP28 climate summit, and was sent to Dubai straight from the developers’ workshop.

The 17th Moholy-Nagy Award was presented by József Fülöp to film director, screenwriter, and professor emeritus of the Department of Film, Television and Digital Media of the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), and art director of the Sundance Filmmakers Lab Gyula Gazdag.

The Hungarian Olympic Committee (HOC) signed a collaboration agreement with 23 higher education institutions, including the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design on 29 November. The purpose of the Dual Career Programme is to help athletes achieve their goals (whether by providing physical or mental support) and enable them not to have to choose between sports and studying or working.
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