EJTECH is featured in a Polish art magazine

Date: 2024.04.16
Can stories be told through textiles, and what messages can they carry? The Poznań Magdalena Abakanowicz University of Arts released issue 44 of the Zeszyty Artystyczne (Artistic Notes) magazine under the title Textile Art: In the face of contemporary times, covering contemporary endeavours in textile art, which has become an independent artistic branch after a long time.

Just like other branches of applied arts, textile art also has some ongoing creative research, as covered by an interview in the magazine, presenting the work of EJTECH (researchers at the MOME IC Kárpáti Judit Eszter DLA and Esteban de la Torre). Beatrijs Sterk, Janis Jefferies, and Claudia Melo interviewed Magdalena Kleszyńská, with artistic director and curator of Contextile Melo bringing up the work of EJTECH, introducing the contemporary experimental scene – primarily those who also use digital techniques, thus extending the "reach" of textiles during the creative process. She met the team in connection with Contextile 2022, which also featured the creative duo’s work Phase In, Phase Out.

The EJTECH duo works with textile-based interfaces and programmable materials, often creating installations to showcase the findings of their research. Their interactive installation Dung Dkar Cloak made from jacquard textile and producing unique sound compositions at a touch has been last exhibited at the House of Music, Hungary.

The Zeszyty Artystyczne periodical, which uniquely combines scientific analysis with critical artistic creative and writing methods, has been published since 1983 and is the only long-standing science and art magazine in Poland in this field.


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