Graduate students of our university's BA Photography programme are featured in the OFF Bratislava Biennale in Bratislava

Date: 2022.11.07
Titled ‘Elsewhere’ this year, the now thirteen years old OFF Bratislava Biennale is about the force that drives people to move, migrate or just aimlessly wander around and their concepts of home and foreign land.

At the time the topic was chosen, organisers did not expect how relevant it will be in a short while due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. 

The festival traditionally opens artistic discourse to its broadest extent, offering a diverse spectrum of views to help us move forward in this mutual confrontation “beyond the borders” of our thinking, inevitably touching on the subject of borders of any kind that restrict movement in our world. 

Exhibiting graduate students of the MOME Photography BA are: Zsófia Blaschke, Ádám Gara, Benjámin Melegh, Emma Szabó, Adrienn Szövérffi, and Lukács Tompa.

Curator: Fátyol Viola. Participants in the organisation: Imre Drégely and Tímea Fábry. 

The books of our graduates can be viewed in the photo book section of the Biennale and in the OFF LIBRIS selection including the works of Roxane Juhász, Cora Sun Yuting, Laura Virág Szekeres, Konrád Taródi-Nagy, Éva Szombat, Franciska Legát and Barna Gajda. 

The work of alumna Sári Zagyvai can be seen in the selection titled IMAGINARY EXCURSION. 

All three exhibitions can be viewed in Bratislava until November 18th. More information on the festival and individual exhibitions can be found on the website:

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