Honey in a post-bee world – Levente Kiss Botond’s award-winning design fiction

Date: 2022.07.04
Ice caps melting, cities flooded, tropical coral reefs deteriorating – seen from Central Europe, extreme consequences of climate change seem remote and obscure

Levente Kiss Botond’s regional vision however is of a Hungary in 2050, when bees have disappeared as a result of climate warming. As a designer, he foresees a problem for the future and proposes a speculative response based on current data and with expert involvement. His design fiction won the student award of the international Core77 magazine.

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Various social problems that need to be addressed have come to play an increasingly prominent role in everyday life, begging the question how to go about solving them.

Battling the effects of global crises that creep into our everyday lives, we may easily find ourselves on a rollercoaster between mounting panic and the impassiveness brought on by a sense of futility. In the face of steadily accumulating challenges, we are justified in wondering how to proceed.

The FRUSKA education programme is directed at one of the most vulnerable social groups, providing multi-level learning experiences to teenage girls from disadvantaged backgrounds. At the sessions, they not only learn how to use the jigsaw, but also gain design skills and confidence through the process of creating various items. The methodology developed by the Social Design Hub of the MOME Innovation Center is now available to everyone.
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