Loveable items for the homes of the future - MOME x S/ALON 2023

Date: 2023.09.21
The works created by the latest generation of product design students of Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design (MOME), presented at the S/ALON BUDAPEST home trend fair on 22 to 24 September at the Budapest Arena all share a focus on the passion for the traditions of handcrafting, sustainability, innovation, and emotional connection. Uniquely in Hungary, the fair showcases the latest home decor trends, furniture, lighting solutions, flooring and wall coverings, home textiles, and accessories in extraordinary interiors, and is centered around the relationship of design and nature.

With a theme of nature and closeness to nature, this year’s event titled Design and nature come together to form a new unit – Home trends at the highest level includes a number of special experiences and design activities. The mission of S/ALON BUDAPEST is to provide inspiration to professionals and amateurs looking to renovate or build a home, bringing the glamourous world of design magazines within arm’s reach over an area of 7,000 square metres.  
In addition to the classics, the latest trends, innovation and novelties are also presented, including the Hello Hungarian Design! section featuring a number of MOME alumni designers and introducing freshly graduated students of the Design Institute who design items for the homes of the future experimenting with the materials of the future. They proposed innovative solutions for a wide range of everyday challenges, such as alienation, insomnia, lack of time, noise, or the energy crisis. 

The selection provides a comprehensive overview of the design activities going on at the Design Institute and features over 30 works, including small furniture items, lamps, textiles, and smaller items. Showcased at MOME’s own booth, they focus on contemporary issues, such as sustainability, material experiments. and future planning.  

Several works related to light and lighting are featured, including the WAVE lamp created by Ildikó Varga and Benjámin Melegh at the BE LIGHT! X MOME RDI course and debuted in Stockholm this spring, Eszter Hankó’s Eclipse lamp, and a studio lamp by Kristóf Kovács. 

Lights out! by Tamás Máté Nagy reflects on insomnia and the difficulties of tearing ourselves away from digital devices, and eases the harmful effects of morning and night routines. The night light helps set the mood for falling asleep, makes getting up easier, and reduces the influence of negative habits formed by the use of electronic gadgets.  

Berta Újváry’s Home is a woven fabric collection that addresses the overwhelming prevalence of spending time on the virtual plane. Begging to be touched, her Jacquard home textiles bring motifs to life by virtue of their unique design, sharpening the focus on texture and palpable reality. 

Veronika Németh’s Metaverse pattern exploring digital fashion design represents a more experimental approach, as does Dóra Szilágyi’s MiConn acoustic panel made of mycelium textile composite, which can be used for indoor wall covering as well as in various other areas of interior design.  

Mátyás Zagiba’s Gemerske dripp coffee set, Tünde Fodor’s Impression butter holder, and Fülöp Bechtold’s unique glass fishes all reflect a similar appreciation of traditional craftsmanship. Jewellery Design and Metalwork MA student Sarolt Sógor’s Connections are true collectors’ items made from copper, glass and silver built around the concepts of bowl, dish, palm, hand, holding, generosity, offering.  Dóra Erdei’s recollection reconnection home textile collection also explores emotional connections. She designed new patterns based on her grandmother’s trousseau and her own memories. 

Az érzelmi kapcsolatról szól Erdei Dóra recollection reconnection című lakástextil kollekciója is, amelyet az alkotó a nagymamája kelengyéjére, és a saját emlékképeire alapozott, ezekből tervezett új mintákat.

Martina Kovács’s diploma project (Babka) was inspired by the issue of the energy crisis. The small, closed-circuit, easy-to-assemble, and cost-efficient tile stove features an eco firebox and is adapted to local requirements, with a bean-like shape and intense orange ceramic tiles for a novel and fresh look. 

The selection also includes Anna Cserba’s Linus lounge chair, created for the 100th anniversary of BAUHAUS is a reflection on Bauhaus aesthetics, Balázs Kisgyörgy’s combination classic nightstand and clothes valet, as well as Zoltán Krémer’s colourful Permutations shelf modules developed at a unique course launched by Multipraktik and MOME rethinking applications of plywood. 
Opening days of the fair: 22, 23 and 24 September 2023 

More news

Though recurring every year, each MOME graduation period is unique, with a number of object and concept designs and artworks. Once again, there will be public diploma defences to take place between 3 and 20 June. The good news is that the MOME Diploma Exhibition showcasing the masterworks will be open longer this year, from 15 to 21 June at various locations across the Campus. Also, students from the first MA programmes to have launched in English language will be graduating this year.

How can design address the issues of the future? What is the role of design in society and a designer’s job in our age? Where will design expertise become most crucial in the coming years?

Students enrolled in the B2D course can now rely on a curriculum that is fresh, authentic, and rich in case studies to help them prepare for the challenges of the creative industries. Not only will they have the opportunity to learn from distinguished creative professionals invited as guest speakers, but soon have access to a video series created through ongoing development efforts and featuring founders of renowned companies such as DE_FORM, YKRA, and Flying Objects.
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