MOME donated a valuable artistic archive to the Museum of Applied Arts

Date: 2024.01.17
The 114 items in the Ceramic and Glass Archive gifted by our University to the Museum of Applied Arts' ceramic and glass collection in December 2023 include reliefs from the 1910s by Vilmos Schleich and his students. Presented as part of MOME’s Heritage of the Future programme, these items are expected to be displayed in the permanent exhibition after the reconstruction of the museum.

The donation agreement was signed on 13 December at the University's Campus in Zugliget by director of the Museum of Applied Arts Zoltán Cselovszki, and MOME Rector József Fülöp. The inventory of the archive, spanning over 100 years, was compiled in 2017 and further supplemented in 2023 by our instructor and the chief curator of the Museum of Applied Arts Piroska Novák. One of the most valuable piece in the collection is the aforementioned item – a relief composed of ceramic tiles adorned with folk motifs by Schleich Vilmos, who started ceramic design education at the predecessor of MOME, the Royal Hungarian School of Applied Arts in 1911, and his students.  In addition, the collection includes a number of early silicate objects by outstanding artists such as Mrs. Garányi née Katalin Staindl, Hédy Majoros, Miklós Veress, Árpád Csekovszky, János Németh, Károly Szekeres, Győző Lőrincz, György Fürtös, Antal Pázmándi, Pálma Babos, Márton Horváth, György Halász, Ágnes Smetana, and Balázs Sipos. With this donation, the Museum of Applied Arts has received an invaluable collection of 297 silicate items, representing the trends in modern and contemporary Hungarian ceramics and glass art from the early 20th century to the 2010s.  

Both institutions consider it essential to preserve and showcase these early student and diploma works, and to observe the emerging and evolving artistic signatures of future designers/artists. The works featured in the selection are distinctive and characteristic imprints of each era, serving as historical accounts.  After the cataloguing process, all artworks will be added to the museum's online Collection Database, which, in addition to its academic and research functions, also functions as a virtual exhibition.

The Heritage of the Future memory programme was launched by Rector József Fülöp in 2022, creating a framework for a dialogue about the past and providing an opportunity to connect with the University's traditions through meaningful works of art. The programme helps better understand our values defined as the heritage of the past, present, and future, enabling identification with these values through impactful artworks.

More news

Though recurring every year, each MOME graduation period is unique, with a number of object and concept designs and artworks. Once again, there will be public diploma defences to take place between 3 and 20 June. The good news is that the MOME Diploma Exhibition showcasing the masterworks will be open longer this year, from 15 to 21 June at various locations across the Campus. Also, students from the first MA programmes to have launched in English language will be graduating this year.

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Students enrolled in the B2D course can now rely on a curriculum that is fresh, authentic, and rich in case studies to help them prepare for the challenges of the creative industries. Not only will they have the opportunity to learn from distinguished creative professionals invited as guest speakers, but soon have access to a video series created through ongoing development efforts and featuring founders of renowned companies such as DE_FORM, YKRA, and Flying Objects.
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