MOME is granted the right to host the first Cumulus conference of 2024

Date: 2023.05.03
Cumulus Association, the world’s most prominent design and art education professional organisation will hold its 2024 spring conference in Budapest, on the MOME Campus. MOME has won the organisation rights to the prestigious event spanning several days and drawing an attendance of 300-500 from around the world.

The Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design has earned the right at an international competition to organise and host the Cumulus conference in the first half of 2024. The world organisation connects 357 institutions in 66 countries and has countless iconic universities and knowledge hubs among its ranks, making it the single most significant professional network in the academic field. Its members can participate in several major conferences each year, share knowledge and research findings in work groups, and discuss the hottest topics in design, innovation, education, and research. Two major conferences take place each year, with Budapest being the location of the spring European summit next year. 

This year’s spring conference was held in Antwerp under the title Connectivity and Creativity in times of Conflict, featuring several researchers from MOME as speakers with great success. The diverse professional Cumulus community seeks to highlight and advocate for the positive role of designers in creating sustainable futures through the continuous improvement of design and art education. By creating a platform for a world-class exchange of experience, it builds bridges across fields of designs, borders, and generations. 
With an attendance of 300-500, the several-day conference includes cultural, professional, and community building events and activities, roundtable discussions, and workshops around a specific subject or narrative. Traditionally, the host organisation can make a more in-depth introduction of itself, and so in spring 2024 MOME will be given the opportunity to present its professional ambitions and major accomplishments from recent years to the representatives of partner institutions and prominent members of the international community. 

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