MOME photographers at the Budapest Photo Festival

Date: 2023.04.21
The Budapest Photo Festival, taking place for the 7th time in 2023, presents contemporary and classical Hungarian and global photography, including captivating international star exhibitions, a contemporary Hungarian overview, and various photo exhibitions by museums and galleries in Budapest as well as foreign cultural institutions. Once again, the MOME Photography programme played a key role in the event series. The exhibitions that are still running are described below.

The intriguing Fresh Meat exhibition featuring works by several students is still available for a few days. The focus of this year’s selection is the path finding journey of young adults, so different and yet the same, generation by generation. Facing up to the past, learning our own bodies and motherhood. Reflections on the pandemic that defined everything in recent years, and the accelerated pace of the world that is impossible to keep up with. The exhibition was created in response to a call issued jointly by the Festival and Erzsébetváros for young photographers under the age of 35. The exhibitors and their works are described in more detail in this Index article .

The Faces of Budapest outdoor photo exhibition is on view until 23 April at Városháza Park, also featuring pictures by teacher of the MOME Photography programme Éva Szombat. It is a selection of shots of residents of Budapest taken by five acclaimed contemporary Hungarian photographers. How do contemporary photographers see the people of Budapest? Who are we and what are we like? Lives, dreams, and stories unfold from the portraits, familiar spots around Budapest come to life, and faces we pass by daily become the centre of a unique exhibition.  

The Escape from Reality exhibition of the Photography MA students introduces the participants of the From Artist to Audience course, reflecting on the increasing dreariness of our daily realities.

A solo exhibition by teacher of the Photography MA programme Anna Fabricius will be on display until late May at TOBE Gallery. Entitled 12 Gestures, it questions our faith in the future through large-size landscapes and portraits.The utopian/dystopian landscapes are ruins of positive living spaces from the past intended for the future, including the futuristic building complex built in the 70s and offered mobility, community life and high standards of living to the Taiwanese elite before its brief heyday short was cut short by the oil crisis. The pictures of the abandoned living spaces fixed on the walls put a negative put Fabricius’s black and white portraits in a negative perspective, which are gestures of positive life situations of the present intended for the future.  

Fieldwork at the Laboratory, a solo exhibition by Photography MA student Daniella Grinberg was curated by our alumna Noémi Viski, and is an attempt to bring hidden conflicts to the surface that signal the connection between man and non-human entities.  

The BPF Screening Nights talks series accompanied by screenings invited Photography alumnus Máté Bartha to talk about his career and artistic work. You can also read about the Capa Grand Prize-winning documentary photographer on the Futures platform.

Fresh Meat: 

Faces of Budapest outdoor photo exhibition also featuring teacher Éva Szombat: 

Solo exhibition of teacher Anna Fabricius:  

Solo exhibition of Photography MA student Daniella Grinberg: 

Escape from Reality exhibition featuring works of the Photography MA students participating in the From Artist to Audience course: 

Cover photo: Franciska Legat

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