MOME rewards its outstanding students: the 5th Stefan Lengyel Scholarship of Excellence award ceremony

Date: 2023.07.17
Adaptive reuse, transhumanism, and the endangered status of bees are some of the subjects explored by the winning projects of the latest Stefan Lengyel Scholarship of Excellence. The winners of the Stefan Lengyel Scholarship of Excellence for the the spring semester of the 2022/23 academic year were announced on 29 June at Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design.

The 16 award winning students can proceed to perfect their concept using the support provided by the scholarship for 5 months, and the winner projects will be displayed in a public exhibition in the autumn on MOME Campus.

The winning entries include outstanding projects from the fields of social issues, sustainability, cultural heritage, mobility, and digitalisation, such as a research project exploring the social impact of portable music players locally and globally, an educational and art photography project focusing on the vital role of bees and apiaries, an emergency organ transport vehicle concept, a complex festival visual identity, a mould-breaking jewellery, and a unique architectural project infusing an abandoned site and building complex with new life and functions and repurposing the spaces in the spirit of inclusivity to accommodate the needs of the local community.

In addition to offering a means to further develop student projects, it also provides an opportunity for advancing the industry competences and practical experience of the participants. In the first round, students are nominated by their fellow students, while in the second, the 16 winning entries are selected by a jury of university leaders, teachers and professionals.

The awards were presented by President of the Foundation Gergely Böszörményi-Nagy and Rector József Fülöp in an awards ceremony. 

Full list of the laureates: 

Design Institute  
Viktória Biki (Interaction Design MA1) 
Entry title: Immersive in-car experience 
Supervisors: Bence Ágoston, Tamás Fogarasy 
Eszter Illés (Interaction Design MA1) 
Entry title: Development of gesture and voice control for cars 
Supervisors: Bence Ágoston, Tamás Fogarasy 
Balázs Ágoston Kiss (Designer-Maker BA2) 
Entry title: Exoskin 
Supervisors: Dóra Rea Kövér, Kálmán Tarr 
Fanni Nagy (Jewellery Design and Metalwork MA1) 
Entry title: Some day... 
Supervisor: Flóra Vági 
Gergely Sárady (Design MA1) 
Entry title: MORA - Emergency organ transport vehicle 
Supervisors: András Húnfalvi, Dániel Ruppert 
Architecture Institute  
Mátyás Angyal (Architecture BA3) 
Entry title: PLATFORM 
Supervisors: Gergely Barcza, Csaba Kovács 
Rebeka Majnár (Architecture MA1) 
Entry title: God’s eye artists’ retreat 
Supervisors: Zsófia Csomay, Balázs Marián 
Institute for Theoretical Studies: 
Blanka Kicsák (Art and Design Management MA1) 
Entry title: Oasis on Sitke 
Supervisors: Kinga German, Gábor Ébli 
Mercédesz Páskuly (Art and Design Theory BA1) 
Entry title: Digitalisation of the history of Beloiannisz 
Supervisor: Gábor Kapitány 
Lili Nadin Pokker (Design Theory MA1) 
Entry title: Social impacts of portable music players 
Supervisor: Henrietta Fiáth 
Media Institute  
Beáta Bencsik (Graphic Design BA2) 
Entry title: Communication campaign of the UH Festival 
Supervisor: Adrienn Császár, Dániel Kozma 
Júlia Horváth (Média Design BA1) 
Entry title: Maze 
Supervisors: Attila Viktor Pálfalusi, Noémi Fábián 
Vivien Nóvé (Graphic Design MA1) 
Entry title: Mother’s love 
Supervisor: Béla Hegyi 
Ágnes Petrucz (Graphic Design MA1) 
Entry title: Book as object: Black box 
Supervisors: Balázs Vargha, Antal Lakner 
Bence Tóth (Média Design MA1) 
Entry title: Open definition 
Supervisors: Miklós Erhardt , József Tasnádi 
Dániel Varga-Jancsó (Photography BA2) 
Entry title: Honey-Picture 
Supervisors: Kriszta Szalay 

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