MOME students dreamed up the new mural of the Colorful City Group

Date: 2022.08.02
A 300-square-meter underwater world took place in the II. on the firewall of house No. 46 Frankel Leó út in the district.

The mural work was created as a collaboration between the Moholy-Nagy University of Arts (MOME) and the Colored City Group, with the support of the National Cultural Fund; its focus was on rethinking the communication role of firewalls. In the related course of MOME, 22 students and 3 instructors studied the unique visual reconstruction of historic buildings, their historic preservation regulations, and their possibilities - thus examining the urban coloring function of a mural. The painted wall was inspired by the János Molnár cave located on the neighboring plot, the visual elements draw from the theme of the cave world.

Within the framework of the collaboration between MOME and the Colorful City Group that began in 2018, several courses were initially built at the University's Department of Graphic Design, and already this academic year as a course at the Media Institute KFI (Research-Development-Innovation) on the professional content that focuses on firewalls as there is a rethinking of social communication interfaces. The result of the first joint project is Bertalan Lajos u. At number 16, there was a work entitled Kócsag, which can still be seen today, and within the framework of this program, the fire wall of the apartment building at number 46 Frankel Leó út was also painted. This year, the National Cultural Fund's National Arts Program College supported the realization of the university course.

22 students and 3 instructors collaborated on the course of the MOME Media Institute, in the semester starting from September 2021, the focus was on social communication platforms in the public square. The building was put forward by the students of the course for the project, the essence of which was the renovation and rethinking of a building with a fire wall, under monument protection, in the surrounding urban fabric. Several visual project plans were created for the selected building, which were judged by the professional board set up for this purpose. The jury consists of experts from the Department of Construction and Heritage Protection of the Budapest Capital Government Office, the II. the chief architect of the district and the teachers of MOME participated.

The graphic design is related to the János Molnár cave located on the neighboring property (Frankel Leó út 48), which is one of the most protected caves in Hungary, as well as the largest underwater cave in the Buda Mountains and Budapest, the only active hot water cave that has been excavated for a considerable length. The MOME students visualized this hidden natural treasure and its underwater fantasy world on the firewall. The members of the design team were Zsófia Kérdy, Petra Pilbák, Glória Pittmann and Marci Szabó, the course instructors were Andrea Schmidt, Antal Lakner and course leader Balázs Vargha. The wall painting and the renovation before painting lasted for five weeks with the involvement of the artists of the Colored City Group and the students, and 330 liters of paint were used for the 300 square meter work.

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