MOME students involved in the new OIEE music video

Date: 2023.04.11
Bence Kocsis (OIEE) and Blanka Kicsák (Art and Design Management MA student) began working together during MOME’s mentoring programme, resulting in a new music video by OIEE – OFF BEAT ECHO.

The music was created in collaboration with Grammy Award-winning mixer and producer Steve Dub (Chemical Brothers). In making the music video shot at the MOME Film Studio, MOME students offered visual reflections on the subject of the song together with artists from different areas.   

As a special technological twist, the video did not undergo any digital postprocessing apart from colour grading despite its futuristic feel, which means what you see, from the projections to holographic imaging, is what you get.  
The artworks were inspired by the lyrics and mood of the song, dealing with our constant inner conflict between the pressure for continuous progress coming from society and our environment coupled with our addiction to stimuli, and the desire for leading a slower-paced and quieter existence.   

Bence Kocsis (OIEE) - Director, Art Director and Producer, Music (MOME) 
Gábor Karcis - Mapping, projection (MOME) 
Sándor Körei - sculptor (MKE) 
Nóra Barna - dancer, Media Design student (MOME) 
Nikola Mrkobrad - product designer (MOME) 
Blanka Kicsák - Art and Design Management (MOME) 
Péter Kiss - cinematographer, editor 
Tamás Cseke - photo (MOME) 
Dániel Székács - Mapping, projection (MOME) 

Continue to the music video: 

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