MOME successes at the 36th National Scientific Students' Associations Conference

Date: 2023.05.10
Several MOME intermedia and art theory projects were among the winners of the Art and Art Theory Section of the National Scientific Students' Associations Conference.

The Art and Art Theory Section of the National Scientific Students' Associations Conference took place between 13 and 15 2023 at the ELTE Institute of Arts Communication and Music. The six MOME contenders were MA students Zsófia Kérdy, Éva Szabó and Petra Andrea Pilbák from the Graphic Design programme, Sándor Őze from the Design Theory programme, Virág Tajti from the Media Design programme, and Anna Tőkés from the Animation programme.  
Post Tai chi, garden without a gardener by Zsófia Kérdi was awarded first prize of the Intermedia section. Created with Mrs. Pintér née Beáta Sosity and Antal Lakner acting as supervisors, the speculative design project explores the impact of overpopulation and climate change on the mental health of people in the Anthropocene age, and the therapeutic effects of garden on mental health. Its goal was to develop an exercise routine that can help experience the beneficial effects of garden activities event without access to a garden. Post Tai chi is a tai chi kata that requires no natural setting or a garden, only reliance on muscle memory from previous gardening works. The exercises were showcased by the film included in the project. 
Virág Tajti’s project Exercise book was also featured in the Intermedia section, earning her third place. 
Postmodern object design in Hungary in the context of mass industry transformation by Sándor Őze won second place, and Anna Tőkés’s The potential effect of sports films on the perception and working of the particular sport the jury’s special prize.  
Congratulations to all students and the teachers helping them with the preparations! 

More news

A vehicle developed jointly by MOME and the John von Neumann University can revolutionise urban freight delivery: Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design (MOME) unveiled a hydrogen and solar-powered vehicle at the climate summit in Dubai. The prototype of three-wheeled, multifunctional transport vehicle, developed through the collaboration of the two universities, was first showcased to the public on 1 December at the UN COP28 climate summit, and was sent to Dubai straight from the developers’ workshop.

What and how can we study at MOME in ten or even twenty years? How can the university stay up-to-date and provide answers to the pressing challenges of the century, and the needs of the future? The Foundation for the Moholy-Nagy University of Arts and Design asked the university community to develop a 21st century education model, the "University of the Future 2025-2045", in line with the international ambitions of the institution, as part of the model change. At the MOME Senate meeting in early December, the programme was approved by the Senate of the University without abstention or dissenting votes, with a 100% approval rate - a reform with such a high level of support has never been seen before in the history of the institution.

The 17th Moholy-Nagy Award was presented by József Fülöp to film director, screenwriter, and professor emeritus of the Department of Film, Television and Digital Media of the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), and art director of the Sundance Filmmakers Lab Gyula Gazdag.
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