Op art-related artworks by students are exhibited in Pécs

Date: 2023.04.20
An extensive museum pedagogy collaboration was launched by the Janus Pannonius Museum in 2019 under the name Op Art Academy, coordinating the work of students and teachers of four universities, including MOME. The resulting student designs and artworks are currently on display at the Museum Gallery and the Vasarely Museum in Pécs.

The museum pedagogy project was designed to disseminate and promote Victor Vasarely’s oeuvre and credo, as well as the diverse tradition of op art-kinetic art among the young. 

Over a two-year period of preparations, the exhibition material received its final shape through workshop exercises, lectures presenting Victor Vasarely’s oeuvre and the international body of artefacts in the collection, as well as programmes exploring the co-art forms of op art. It illustrates the prolific influence of op art that is still alive today, from architecture and photo to textile and glass design. 

Two exhibitions of student artworks completed in the course of the programme were put on in April 2023 in Pécs: a contemporary architecture and a photography one. The OP ARCH architecture exhibition was curated by museologist Katalin Getto (JPM), and co-curators included museologist Katalin Kárpáti (JPM), as well as Zsófia Csomay, Balázs Marián, Tamás Getto and Laura Jóföldi from our university. Curators of the PHOTO-OPART, Vasarely Experience exhibition on view at the Vasarely Museum in Pécs were teaching artist Imre Drégely and museologist Katalin Kárpáti, and the one-semester courses, field trips and the exhibitions were organised in cooperation with programme manager Tímea Fábry. 

The collaboration between MOME and the JPM in Pécs began with the courses co-organised by MOME Photography and the museum, and resulted in, among other things, the PHOTO-OPART Vasarely Experience project exhibition featuring digital photos and videos created during the course. 

The photographs, video animations and spatial installations convey the ambitions and visual messages of op-art and kineticism still relevant today. In the summer, the exhibition will be travelling to the exhibition space of the Vasarely Foundation in Aix-en-Provance. 

The OP ARCH – Architectural ties of op-art exhibition features the completed works of Architecture students of the Op art course, including an indoor polycarbonate light-space installation by the MOME Architecture BA students and the designs of a visitor centre and temporary exhibition space for the Vasarely Museum in Pécs, developed by the Architecture MA students at the 2021 design course. You can read more about the exhibition in Octogon  Magazine. 

As a special treat, selected pieces by internationally acclaimed kinetic artists from the international collection serving as inspiration are also included in the exhibition. 

The next chapter in the Op art collaboration will be the Mrs Vasarely’s Hat course co-organised by the Textile and Fashion Design programme of the MOME Design Institute. Student works completed at the course will be once again featured at an exhibition. 

Pécs-born Vasarely’s art enjoys worldwide recognition, and as a result, his oeuvre represents an important point of reference in art higher education. His grandson Pierre Vasarely visited our university in 2022. An exhibition for the event featured works created at the op-art courses of recent years with the participation of Object Design (Glass), as well as Photography és Architecture students and teachers. 

The OP GLASS course and various exhibitions were organised to mark the UN International Year of Glass and several Vasarely anniversaries with the involvement of the French Institute, as well as participation by students of the MOME Designer-Maker programme and two members of its staff Péter Borkovics and János Polyák. 


Architecture exhibition 

Museum Gallery, Pécs 

17 March – 25 June 2023 

University partners: 

University of Pécs, Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology, Institute of Architecture 

Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, Architecture Institute 


Museologists Katalin Getto and Kata Kárpáti, Janus Pannonius Museum 


Photography exhibition 

Vasarely Museum, Pécs 

April 5 – 4 May 2023 

Exhibitors (MOME Photography MA): Judit Bárány, Anna Bányász, Péter Drapkó, Anna Forgách, Soma Gonda, Bernát Haupt, Kudlák Amy, Alíz Lőrincz, Levente Molnár, András Pál, Adrienn Szövérffi, Ágnes Tar, Virág Tajti, Lukács Tompa, Máté Tóth-Heyn, Nikoletta Veres, Szabolcs Vida  

Curators: Photography teaching artist Imre Drégely (MOME), museologist Katalin Kárpáti (JPM) 

Organiser: Tímea Fábry (MOME) 

On 27 April at 4:00 p.m., a roundtable discussion with Drégely Imre, Máté Gábor and Kata Kárpáti (JPM) and the students will take place at the exhibition venue. 

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