Outstanding student accomplishments at the Indigo Design Award

Date: 2022.05.04
The winners of the earlier Best of Graphics Award, our students Szabolcs Fülöp, Petra Zajácz and Soma Gonda have achieved outstanding success at the prestigious international Indigo Design Award.

Szabolcs Fülöp’s Face Manifesto earned him a Gold Winner award in the category Interaction Design, and a Silver Winner award in the category Integrated Graphic Design. Mimicry by Petra Zajácz and Mantras – calligraphy pattern scroll by Soma Gonda both received a Silver Winner award in the Integrated Graphic Design and Calligraphy categories, respectively. 


Supervisors: Antal Lakner / Antal Lakner, Tamás Marcell, Balázs Vargha / Dóra Balla 

The complete projects are available on the Indigo Awards website at

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