Pragmatist Aesthetics: Looking Back after 30 Years – Interview with interaction designer Kristina Höök

Date: 2022.10.11
In May 2022, a four-day international conference called “The Promise of Pragmatist Aesthetics: Looking Forward after 30 Years” was organized by MOME’s Doctoral School. One of the keynote speakers was Kristina Höök, professor at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology and interaction design expert, who spoke about the possibilities of Soma Design.

Höök's concept takes into account the designer's own physical dimension and the specificities of digital design and digital technology. As the author of “Designing with the Body”, she encourages results that open the way for users to a deeper aesthetic experience and reflective interpretation. With her team, she has designed interactive fixtures and furniture that increase body awareness, but she has also created anxiety-reducing devices and drones that interact with dancers. These experiments are all part of the Soma Design programme, which Höök is giving insights into through her own experience as a designer and educator. 

Kristina Höök was interviewed by Thomas Fogarasy, UX-designer and Head of the Interaction Design MA programme at MOME.  

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