Saving the world could pay off

Date: 2022.08.04
MOME OPEN's new masterclass aims to develop sustainable business models

Participants of the 'Business of Saving the World' masterclass at the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design (MOME) between 12 and 17 September will gain a new and advanced understanding of the economic efficiency of sustainable business development. MOME OPEN's new masterclass in English will showcase real strategies where sustainability is not just an empty marketing catchphrase, but leads to actual business benefits. 

Several international studies have shown that some large companies only put their environmental commitments at the heart of their communications as part of a greenwashing advertising strategy to mislead consumers. Companies that truly regard sustainability as a business strategy, on the other hand, can build a successful business model with a positive social and environmental impact. 

"For the past fifty years, most corporations have shifted the responsibility for sustainability to their consumers. We now realise that instead of bringing us closer to our sustainability goals, this approach has driven us further away from them. To make real progress, a corporation needs to introduce real changes to its core business and link them to specific business interests, because no company should be expected to compromise its business goals to save the world. Sustainability and business objectives can only work effectively together as a system", said Ákos Csertán, Lead Design Strategist and one of the lecturers of the MOME OPEN masterclass.  

The ‘Business of Saving the World’ masterclass provides an opportunity to learn how to turn sustainability ambitions and the introduction of innovation ecosystems into a real business driver. The theory training day will focus on the fundamentals of trends, dynamics, business design frameworks and impactful product innovation, followed by two workshop days on how to develop impactful business models and innovation ecosystems. Through case studies, participants will analyse and interpret the mechanics of existing impact-oriented businesses. 

The masterclass features renowned speakers such as digital product expert, leading design strategist, design educator and TEDx speaker Ákos Csertán; strategist, creative leader and entrepreneur, author of Collaborate or Die and co-founder of the impact strategy company Fronteer Martijn Pater; Director of Commercial at MPesa Africa and board member of several sustainability startups Chris Williamson, and Head of Sales and Partnerships at MOME Innovation Centre, Ex-Microsoft for startups manager, TedxYouth speaker Dalma Berkovics, who was voted ‘Most Influential Woman’ in the Central European Startup Awards. 

MOME OPEN masterclass is for professionals wanting to create impactful products and services as an innovation leader or product manager; CSR and ESG experts wishing to increase impact on the bottom line; consultants or business designers aspiring to support impact-driven transformation of companies; and anyone who understands the concepts of business innovation, strategic planning, innovation management and strategy development. 

The MOME Open 'Business of Saving the World' masterclass will take place from 12 to 17 September 2022, and registrations should be submitted by 19/08/2022.  

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MOME Open was created in 2016 as an education hub supporting the extracurricular courses and trainings of the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design. Its mission is to become a niche authority in 21st century knowledge transfer by creating and running art, cultural, teaching and economic training capacities, and to train professionals with superior levels of expertise and talent by closing the skills gap in the creative industries.

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