Storytelling in pictures

Date: 2023.11.30
This year’s Photography graduates were not afraid to show a deeply personal side in order to contribute to a social discourse meant to reach a wider public. An exhibition featuring their works opened in Capa Center between 30 August and 26 September.

To bring stories from the future and the past, about family, love, health, truth and lies that are important and must be told – this was the goal set by this year’s Photography graduates. How to tell them right? There is really no recipe for what is the right form, and yet the more personal the tone is, the more disarming our story will be to our audience. The students also used this strategy.

Bianka Cenki created an honest representation of the dynamics of an unusual family relationship. Bálint Gutay's installation, inspired by personal experience, is based on the feelings of an individual exposed to the brutality of social media. Judit Spanyár introduced historical aspects for a more thorough understanding of her family relationships. András Tornóci offered insight behind the scenes of the Hungarian healthcare system during and following the COVID19 pandemic. András Turi examined how Socialist era manipulations of history and high politics interfere with private memory as well.  

The exhibition was opened by Head of the Photography MA programme Gábor Arion Kudász.

Exhibiting photographers: Bianka Csenki, Bálint Gutay, Judit Spanyár, András Tornóci, András Turi 

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