SUPERMOTO, developed jointly by MOME and John von Neumann University, made its debut in Abu Dhabi

Date: 2023.06.21
The fully electric-powered motorcycle designed by students and teachers from the Vehicle Design programme of the MOME Design Institute and from the Department of Innovative Vehicles and Materials of the GAMF Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science of the John von Neumann University made its debut at the Abu Dhabi Electric Vehicle Innovation Summit 2023 trade fair showcasing the latest innovations, and most exciting developments and solutions in electric vehicle design.

The motorcycle, developed under the ProjectSupermoto concept, was designed for both the street and for the road. The project gave students of the two universities the opportunity to coordinate technical and product design work and gain a significant amount of practical experience.  

Unique in both technology and form, the motorcycle was displayed between 28 and 1 June at the 3 October 2022 at the Electric Vehicle Innovation Summit 2023 in Abu Dhabi. Our university was represented at the event by chief instructor of the MOME Mobility Design Lab Dániel Ruppert, and head of creative sales Dániel Jávor. The grand-scale exhibition and professional forum provide developers of e-vehicles to share their innovations with each other and prospective investors.    

The goal was to receive genuine market feedback for the next phase of development, so for the time being, we weren’t focused on generating sales. We had many visitors to our booth and Supermoto had a great reception overall”, Dániel Ruppert commented. “In addition to the exhibition, there was also opportunity for a joint debut for our universities at the Sharjah Research and Innovation Center.”  

Dániel Jávor added that there are many examples of foreign universities maintaining a branch campus in the Arab Emirates, and that in addition to the potential further development of the Supermoto project, they also looked at sales opportunities of the competencies and collaboration between MOME and the John von Neumann University during the visit. “Supermoto is an impressive outcome and, at the same time, symbol, of the latter, and not only helped boost the popularity of our booth at the exhibition, but also ease our way into conversation with local decision-makers, reinforcing the adage that good design sells itself.

More news

The University of the Future initiative is a key focus this year, aimed at MOME’s comprehensive revitalisation. Thanks to persistent efforts over recent months, working groups have developed a detailed implementation plan for the University of the Future programme, a.k.a. the “Three Schools model”, which was unanimously accepted in December 2023. The process has now reached a new milestone: on 18 July, the Senate has pledged its support for the plan, paving the way for continued collaborative work to implement the new structure by next winter and to transform MOME into one of Europe's leading design higher education institutions.

Our University has been invited to exhibit at one of the world's most prestigious digital art festivals, the Ars Electronica 2024. Each year, the Campus series of the long-standing festival presents an art university. This year's exhibition is organised in collaboration with the University of Linz, and will feature outstanding student diploma works from recent years in Linz's main square selected by curators Judit Eszter Kárpáti, Esteban de la Torre, and Ágoston Nagy.

A new symbol has been added to the range of memorabilia that members of the MOME community can receive as they reach various milestones in their university careers. This new emblem, which reinforces a sense of belonging, is a turned and machined bronze item with a polished surface based on the letter ‘O’ in MOME’s logo. Designed by MOME MA teacher Krisztián Ádám at the initiative of Rector József Fülöp, this symbol will be awarded to all graduates at all levels along with the diplomas starting in 2024.
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