TedxLiberty Bridge Women concluded with a Terike from Budapest fashion show

Date: 2023.11.08
The TedxLiberty Bridge Women event on 9 November culminated in an unconventional fashion show by Terike from Budapest, a platform founded by MOME students. The show presented the core thoughts and values underlying the Terike initiative.

Terike from Budapest (TfB) started out in June 2020 as an Instagram page featuring young fashion designers but quickly outgrew the social media outlet. Since then, it has been an independent platform with a mission to defend and advocate for the integrity of the fashion business, and improve the exposure of emerging designers. Re-formed in summer 2023, the team (fashion designers Fanni László and Valentin Szarvas, and design culture researchers Cintia Tamás, Anna Keszeg) regard fashion and fashion design education crucial. In their opening presentation delivered at the TED event, they sketched the situation and challenges of emerging Hungarian fashion designers around the allegorical figure of Terike the seamstress. 

The show began after the reading of the statement, condensing the essence of everything Terike is about. The goal was to reinvent the fashion show genre, and for this purpose, contemporary dancer Réka Oberfrank was asked to create the choreography. The models, altogether 28, included dancers and professional models, and were dressed in the designs of five young talents – three graduates from MOME and two from London schools (Judit Bárány, Dorottya Csókási, Fanni László, Anna Rókusfalvy, Valentin Szarvas).   

The video of the event will soon be available on TED’s Youtube channel.  

Dancers and models involved in the performance: Bánk Bagyinszki, Cristina Agueda, Liza Csóka, Ruben Farkas, Viktória Galambos, Nikolett Gulyás-Szabó, Áron Horváth (Avantage Models), Dóra Málna Horváth, Arina Késely, Gábor Kindl, Mátyás Kovács, Franciska Laczkó, Zsófia Lipták, Míra Markella (Avantage Models), Szonja Mayer, Nikolett Molnár, Réka Oberfrank, Ábel Ónódy, Máté Pálinkás, Dóra Szabó, Szofi Zea Szamosvölgyi, Írisz Szedlacsek, Laura Szomolányi, Ticiána Tóth, Blanka Tóth, Lana Varga, Luca Wéber. Make-up artists: Zsófia Lilla Bán, Bori Füge, Tícia Megulesz. 

More news

Even in its dilapidated state, the Batthyány Manor in Sitke captures the imagination of passersby. This inspiring architectural complex was the subject of a week-long course at Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, and there are expectations for further collaboration with the descendants of the Batthyány family owning the house. The revitalisation project is centred around a plan for a contemporary nursing home that would also help uphold and perpetuate local values.

This year’s winner of the Elizabeth A-i-R international photography residency programme has been selected, and will be enjoying the hospitality of Erzsébetváros and MOME. Mexican photographer Alejandra Gonzales Aragon works with various mediums, chiefly video, sound, photos, and found pictures, and is also interested in performative exercises. Her main focuses include gender issues, as well as intersections of home and identity. Launched jointly by Budapest Erzsébetváros and MOME Photography in 2022, the programme this year received nearly 60 entries from 60 countries over 5 continents.

Winning projects include a hearing aid doubling as jewellery, a narrative video game, multimedia visuals, and several revitalisation projects. The certificates were presented personally by the eponym of the scholarship, world-renowned product designer and MOME Professor Emeritus Stefan Lengyel at the awards ceremony, which was a great honour to both the scholarship recipients and the university staff. The sixteen students will receive the scholarship for a period of 5 months to work on further elaborating their concepts.
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