The first phase of the Innovation Center’s Proof of Concept (PoC) incubation program has kicked off

Date: 2022.06.02
The first phase of the Innovation Center’s Proof of Concept (PoC) incubation program has kicked off! Eight teams have been selected to participate in the pre-incubation phase of the program, where they will work on market research, idea validation and a detailed project plan under the guidance of mentors.

Arts and design students are full of potential for creative innovation, while they lack the knowledge to bring their products or services to the market. The eight teams who currently participate in the program submitted a wide range of fresh ideas. They positively impact areas such as mental and physical health, food, sustainability, education, fashion and mobility, through VR experiences, a new home office gym setup, a community development app, home-based methods for hydroponic crop production, a boardgame to connect with the elderly, a T-shirt jewelry collection, 3D printed devices for disabled people, as well as a community space service center for cyclists. 

The PoC is the Innovation Center’s first incubation program designed for MOME students and staff, where they get the opportunity to turn their creative ideas and plans into market-ready enterprises while receiving financial and mentoring support from MOME. While in the first phase of the program teams focus on the evaluation of their ideas and its opportunities, the second phase aims to develop fully marketable concepts. The program is led by Craig V. Johnson together with Zsolt Gémesi as Lead Mentor and András Péter, Head of MOME Knowledge Transfer Center. 

The PoC is implemented with the support of NRDIO and is administratively coordinated by MOME’s Knowledge Transfer Center.

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MOME students triumphed at the Red Dot Design Awards, often referred to as the "Oscars of the design world" with revolutionary concepts including a hybrid tram, a modular pram, an innovative VR headset for home workouts, and a stretcher designed for rough terrains. These award-winning projects were developed under the new preparatory programme of the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, whose success is demonstrated by five out of twelve submissions receiving accolades.

It is a long-standing tradition of our University to entrust designing the visual identity of the MOME Diploma, from graphic design to the portrait photography of BA and MA students, to students through a competition. The annually refreshed concept thus reflects the university community from within, creating an important snapshot of the times and a unique keepsake for each graduating year.
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