The future of the university, the university of the future

Date: 2023.12.08
What and how can we study at MOME in ten or even twenty years? How can the university remain up-to-date and provide answers to the pressing challenges of the century, and the needs of the future? The Foundation for the Moholy-Nagy University of Arts and Design asked the university community to develop a 21st-century education model, the ‘University of the Future 2025-2045’, in line with the international ambitions of the institution, as part of the model change. At the MOME Senate meeting in early December, the programme was approved by the Senate of the University without abstention or dissent, with 100% of the votes, representing an unprecedented level of support in the history of the institution.

Over the past two years, experts from the University's University of the Future initiative have studied a number of the world's leading higher education institutions closely and, after completing the review, involved several outstanding foreign experts to design a distinctive art and design university that will exist only in Budapest, attracting the talents of Central Europe. The aim of developing this model is to ensure that MOME's education remains timeless, and  that its graduates grow into empowered artists and designers, who, staying one step ahead of the present, are able to give relevant responses to the challenges of the complex world around us.  

“What we create over the next few years under the new programme will have unprecedented legitimacy, giving us the opportunity to bring the process we have started in recent years with the model change – including a significant increase in salaries and scholarships, supporting disadvantaged talents, over 50 international lecturers every year, our unique commitment to sustainability on an international level, and other achievements – to completion also in terms of refreshing our education”, said President of the Foundation for the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Gergely Böszörményi-Nagy. 

A number of new modules will be added to the undergraduate programmes, enabling students to study together, regardless of the degree they pursue, as they begin their studies, with the aim of learning to study, think, have conversations, and work in teams. In a return to the tradition of the first European universities, the initial foundation courses are designed to equip students with the basic philosophical and artistic knowledge they need to broaden their worldview and, through a solid set of values, to help them become citizens capable of intellectual self-determination and of understanding the complexities of the world. The challenges to be solved in a community, teamwork, and project work will play an important role in improving the dynamics of Master's programs. Students will work to solve the social and ecological problems facing humankind using the tools of art, design, and innovation.  

Through MOME's refreshed adult training programmes, the knowledge accumulated will be made available to various people from different areas, whether distant or related. These essential skills are crucial for overcoming the challenges of the future and tackling complex problems. As part of the University of the Future initiative, three new schools will be established: one for the transmission of classical knowledge, one for exploring the future, and one for graduates wishing to learn and grow. At the same time, the University also remains focused on supporting the professional growth and career development of the MOME community, its teachers and researchers.

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Geometriai modellnek indult, majd a világ egyik legismertebb térbeli logikai játéka lett belőle. Generációk nőttek fel a bűvös kocka oldalait forgatva, és a mai napig versenyeket rendeznek abból, ki tudja minél rövidebb idő alatt kirakni, azaz a kilenc azonos színű kisebb kockát egy-egy oldalra mozgatni anélkül, hogy szétszedné. A bűvös kocka, amelyet Rubik Ernő a MOME elődintézményében, az Iparművészeti Főiskolán alkotott meg, 2024-ben ünnepli 50. születésnapját, sőt alkotója is jubilál, idén 80 éves.

MOME students triumphed at the Red Dot Design Awards, often referred to as the "Oscars of the design world" with revolutionary concepts including a hybrid tram, a modular pram, an innovative VR headset for home workouts, and a stretcher designed for rough terrains. These award-winning projects were developed under the new preparatory programme of the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, whose success is demonstrated by five out of twelve submissions receiving accolades.

It is a long-standing tradition of our University to entrust designing the visual identity of the MOME Diploma, from graphic design to the portrait photography of BA and MA students, to students through a competition. The annually refreshed concept thus reflects the university community from within, creating an important snapshot of the times and a unique keepsake for each graduating year.
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