“To have it screening at a prestigious film festival is, in itself, a great joy” – Interview with Domonkos Erhardt

Date: 2023.02.14
Domonkos Erhardt is a versatile animation artist: after completing first a BA and then an MA at MOME, he founded Piros Studio with his former fellow students, also creates comics in addition to working in animation, and his third solo film is going to be screened at the 73rd Berlin International Film Festival.

His diploma film From the Corner of My Eye is a chamber piece with a distinctive Budapest vibe. It takes place on an old Ikarus bus, where the lives of two people previously unknown to each other become intertwined as their gazes connect for a magical moment. According to his own account, he likes playing with the proportion of what is told and what is left untold, leaving the viewer room to fill in the blanks using their own thoughts and experiences. His films to date have been shown at the Primanima and the Kecskemét Animation Film Festivals, and this was the first time one premiered abroad. We talked about his start and his journey to a milestone international film festival premiere.

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