Tomorrow belongs to you – For the creative talents of the future

Date: 2023.06.27
MOME launches a creative industries scholarship programme for disadvantaged youth. Currently, only a small fraction of high school students in the poorest regions of Hungary is given a genuine chance to pursue design and art higher education. What is the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design (MOME) as a major design and innovation hub in the region doing to change that? Launch a comprehensive, country-wide scholarship and talent programme to deliver on one of its most important social responsibility commitments.

“In the 2020s, Hungarian economy, and the Hungarian creative industries in particular, are facing major demographic challenges, while substantial areas of the country and segments of society remain invisible to higher education. This paradox can only be resolved with great care and targeted programmes. We are now making an innovative and exemplary attempt that can benefit not only the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, but other higher education institutions and the whole of Hungary. Specifically directed at reaching out to disadvantaged talents living far from the capital, our new programme provides support without presumption, methodically, and with a long-term view”, says concept owner and President of the Foundation for Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Gergely Böszörményi-Nagy.


The ‘Tomorrow belongs to you – For the creative talents of the future’ is a niche programme with a mission to create opportunities for high school talents in Hungary’s poorest regions by putting a creative career within their reach through a unique model programme that could serve as an example for other Hungarian universities. Each year going forward, MOME will provide a grant, free creative training, and personalised professional and mental support to 25 disadvantaged high schoolers. As part of the training, they will make regular visits to MOME Campus to engage in preparatory and workshop sessions, consultations, and various community activities. With guidance and support from mentors and university students throughout the entire process, they will ultimately develop their own creative portfolios, paving the way to MOME or another higher education institution. The programme is designed to to empower students with solid, future-proof knowledge, experience, and confidence they can later put to use in any area of life.

In the first year, we will reach out to disadvantaged young talents from high schools located in and around Pécs, Miskolc, and Debrecen, extending the scope of our programme to include smaller villages in Szabolcs county, the Kecskemét-Szolnok-Cegléd triangle, as well as Székesfehérvár and its surroundings over the next three years in close collaboration with local governments, study halls, and NGOs.

The expert programme staff includes certified therapist and talent management professional Éva Gyarmathy, product designer and MOME General Deputy Rector Pál Koós, philosopher, literary author, and associate professor at MOME Eszter Babarczy, psychologist Eszter Lóki, doctoral student and former scholarship recipient of the MCC Roma Talent Programme Renáta Rontó, and group lead for upward convergence at the Hungarian Interchurch Aid Anett Jákfalvi, who will apply their extensive knowledge and expertise towards supporting the initiative and also perform the selection of scholarship recipients.

More details: 
Implementation of the scholarship programme is supported by the National Talent Center, Artificial Group, Progress Promotion Kft., and EOX Kft.  

Professional collaborating partner: National Talent Center
Communication collaborating partner: Artificial Group
Sponsor: Progress Promotion Kft.
Students can submit applications for the scholarship programme through the eContest Platform developed by EOX Kft.

More news

Functioning also as a public park, the eco-conscious MOME Campus garden is now officially home to a small bee population. By taking in two bee colonies – nicknamed the Tót and the Mézga Families – the MOME community contributes significantly to preserving the natural environment of the area.

Though recurring every year, each MOME graduation period is unique, with a number of object and concept designs and artworks. Once again, there will be public diploma defences to take place between 3 and 20 June. The good news is that the MOME Diploma Exhibition showcasing the masterworks will be open longer this year, from 15 to 21 June at various locations across the Campus. Also, students from the first MA programmes to have launched in English language will be graduating this year.

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