Two MOME Thesis Projects Introduced at Prestigious European Review

Date: 2023.03.06
Two of our graduate students from last year, Szabolcs Fülöp (Graphic Design MA) and Erzsébet Jiang (Fashion and Textile Design MA), are among this year's GRADUATION PROJECTS winners. The review, whose history stretches back to 2002, focuses on work by design students in higher education in the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary and Slovakia. It has already acknowledged numerous Hungarian students, many of whom are MOME graduates.

This time, out of 215 submissions, the panel of judges have chosen 29 works that will be shown at the exhibition, which is taking place in the Cieszyn Castle. 

Students who have graduated with a BA or MA from a higher educational institute in art and design in the four countries are eligible to submit their thesis projects to this renowned competition. MOME alumni Balázs Balogh, who is a media designer and Ferenc Laufer, co-founder of Flying Objects, have contributed to the work of the ten-judge panel. Submissions are evaluated in two categories: 2D - comprising of applied graphic design, including website design, active design and application design, and 3D - comprising of industrial design, including not just vehicle and object design, but also textile, clothing, glass and ceramic design. 

The exhibition, which opened on Friday, features the 2022 thesis project of Szabolcs Fülöp, entitled Signal zone, which takes a research-based approach to the topic of electrosmog.  In his project, Fülöp depicts the presence of electromagnetic fields that are invisible to the human eye in a highly unusual way, paired with installations.  

Erzsébet Jiang’s graduation project entitled Prettier than you’ll ever be, which has already won the MOME Rector’s Award, is also among the best here. With the outfits and patterns featured in her collection, Jiang portrays the androgyny conveyed by K-pop. The unique, over-the-top aesthetic quality features roles and ideals that differ from the Western mainstream, which has served as inspiration for Jiang’s work. 

The exhibition also features the works of two more Hungarian graduate students, Liza Feil (Budapest Metropolitan University) and Anna Szendrei (Eszterházy Károly Catholic University, Eger). 

The exhibition is open daily until May 28 in the Cieszyn Castle exhibition room. 

The winning works are also available for view online: 

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