Virtual reality, social sensitivity and animation sports films: Professional events at Friss Kakas

Date: 2022.04.20
In April this year, Friss Kakas (Fresh Rooster) Animation Film Days jointly organised by MOME Anim and Friss Hús (Fresh Meat) will take place for the first time. Between 22 and 24 April, Toldi Cinema will not only show screenings of diploma and exam films MOME from 2020 and 2021, but also host professional events dealing with the potential in VR technology, crowdfunding of animation films and the challenges facing animation journalism.

Several international illustrious experts will be invited between 22 and 24 April to Toldi Cinema. On 23 April at 2:00 p.m., Danish director Uri Kranot will deliver a presentation about the possibilities of VR technology and the VR documentarism he is engaged in. Uri and his wife, Michelle Kranot started out as artists, combining hand painted backgrounds with 3D animation and VR technology. Their documentarist narrative is particularly relatable, confirmed by the success and international acclaim of their animation VR film The Hangman at Home. The film, which also earned an award at the Venice Film Festival, is rendered particularly topical by the humanitarian crisis brought about by the war and the surrounding discourse. Following Uri Kranot’s presentation, the audience can also enter the world created by the artist on Sunday between 12:00 noon and 8:00 p.m. by taking a 20-minute individual journey into virtual reality. You can register for the VR experience on the spot, after the Saturday master course. 

In addition to Uri Kranot’s works, this year’s Friss Kakas will also deal with socially sensitive animations. The starting point of the presentation Reality and pixels - Animations about social responsibility is the premise that animation is the perfect medium for displaying socially sensitive and socially focused contents. It has the ability to make more serious and often hard-to-grasp subjects more relatable for both the artist and the recipient. The event features screenings of films produced in collaboration with MOME Anim, Nem Adom Fel Alapítvány (I’m Not Givin Up Foundation), the National Crime Prevention Council, and Száz Szikra Kulturális Egyesület (Hundred Sparks Cultural and Tradition Preservation Society), followed by an informal discussion about the films, as well as the relationship between social responsibility and animation at the great hall in Toldi Cinema on 22 April from 10:00 a.m. The moderator of the discussion is independent culture researcher, film historian and instructor Andrea Pócsik PhD. 

The power of animation to spark a dialogue is also the subject of the presentation Visible knowledge: Visual Science and social responsibility. On 24 April from 11:00 a.m. there will be a screening of films by the Danish students of The Animation Workshop (TAW) and participants of the Sci-Vi Initiative conference held in Denmark, giving audiences a glimpse into how scientific research can be visualised with the help of animation. The section will be introduced by animation film director, illustrator, producer and former MOME student Ágota Végső, who is currently pursuing a PhD in Social and Human Studies at the NOVA University in Lisbon.  

Head of the Skjald Creative animation studio Mikkel Mainz is another Danish animation film director, who will hold a master course about crowdfunding on 24 April from 2:00 p.m. He is the director of the web series Tales of Alethrion and the producer of fiction films and TV series. Over the years, he has built an online community with more than 200,000 followers and he is also a teacher at The Animation Workshop, an internationally acclaimed art school in Viborg. At the master course, Mikkel will talk about how he became part of the animation scene, what aspects of the production process and crowdfunding he became familiar through such accomplishments as the Tales of Alethrion or his feature films in progress (Spirit Seeker, Gone Badminton).  

The panel discussion Springboard also focuses on how to kickstart a career in film making. On 22 April from 12:00 noon festival director of Friss Hús (Fresh Meat) Dániel Deák will talk to Hungarian artists who have garnered major success at the most prestigious international forums. Réka Anna Szakály (ASF & CEE), Kitti Teleki (Cartoon Springboard), Évia Darabos (ASF) and Márton Szirmai (Cartoon Movie) will tell their stories and share their experiences of the road to success. 

In recent years more and more animation sports films have been made - Ervin B. Nagy for example has covered the early days of sports legends in his series Cserebogarak (Cockchafers). On 23 April at 1:30 p.m., six animation sports films, including an episode of Cserebogarak about Krisztina Egerszegi will be screened, followed by a discussion between Ervin B. Nagy and animation director Anna Tőkés , who herself is working on a personally inspired animation sports film. 

Do journalists understand the language of images? Can artists take criticism? What can we do together to incorporate animation into fundamental knowledge? At the panel discussion The literati and animation on 23 April at 12:00 noon animation directors and producers discuss the present and greatest challenges of animation journalism with journalists. Participants: Kati Glaser and Bálint Gelley animation film makers and Zsófi Herczeg, Zsolt Gyenge and Dávid Klág film critics. Moderator: Dániel Deák. 

On 24 April at 5:30 p.m. the remastered version of the great János Háry will be screened at the great hall of Toldi Cinema followed by a discussion between MOME Rector József Fülöp and Zsolt Richly’s fellow animators, colleagues and students in memoriam animation director and professor Zoltan Richly who passed away in 2020.  

The Friss Kakas 2022, together with the MOME Anim Premier, is organising the Grafix fair again this year, which welcomes visitors for the fifth year now. On 23 April from 3:00 p.m. the audience can meet and talk to MOME students, and also buy various items such as comic and picture books. 

Kakas Pitch starts on the first day of Friss Kakas, Friday at 2:00 p.m. with the following 8 selected animation projects making a debut before an audience and the professional jury: Lakógyűlés (Tenants’ Meeting) (Laura Érsek), LOKÁL - Csepel unleashed (Zsófia Csánki), Mesélnek a kövek (Stone Stories) (Orsolya Imre), Zotmund (Péter Szeiler), A legrosszabbkor (The Worst Possible Timing) Eszter Kajlik and Judit Sára Elek), The way out (Dániel Diószeghy), Noah (Luca Ábrányi) and Büdös pofon (Stinky Slap) (Botond Tobai). The winner of Kakas Pitch will automatically be included in this year’s Friss Hús (Fresh Meat) Pitch Forum. Members of the professional jury are animation film director and producer Bella Szederkényi, script editor Zsófia Ruttkay and producer Gábor Osváth. The awards ceremony will take place on Saturday at 6:00 p.m. at Toldi Cinema. 

The professional events are free of charge but subject to registration on the following link: 

Tickets are available to the screenings on the following links: 

The detailed event schedule is avilable on the Friss Kakas website: 

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