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A team of MOME students have won first place at the CheckINN Revitalisator competition. First launched by the CheckINN Turisztikai Innovációmenedzsment Kft and MOME last year, the competition invites university and college talents to seek solutions for the reuse of rust zone sites in teamwork. From the nearly 30 teams, INDOOHÁZ received the first prize for giving new life to abandoned railway water reservoirs as bivouacs for backpackers.

MOME Art and Design Management and Architecture students, as well as Design and Visual Art Teacher students from MOME and ELTE all participated in a course exploring the subjects of built environment education and participatory design. The architects also received a practical participatory design assignment involving high school students, namely to design a new community space in the courtyard of the Szilágyi Erzsébet High School in district 1.

This year was the 16th time the Architect Regatta took place at Lake Balaton, and the second time MOME has participated. The race, founded by architect Ernő Kálmán DLA, has become a tradition in the Hungarian architecture community, and is an excellent opportunity not just for sailing but also for networking among architects. The message of the race this year is that whatever life brings, we can count on each other -- “We are building the future together!”

An extensive museum pedagogy collaboration was launched by the Janus Pannonius Museum in 2019 under the name Op Art Academy, coordinating the work of students and teachers of four universities, including MOME. The resulting student designs and artworks are currently on display at the Museum Gallery and the Vasarely Museum in Pécs.

In memory of one of the most influential professors at the Institute of Architecture, the community of our university has unveiled a piece of public furniture, honouring his legacy.

In the spring semester, a presentation series under the title Human Ecology and Design took place with coordination by the MOME Institute for Theoretical Studies and Péter Haba and participation of ELTE’s Human Ecology MA. Video recordings of the presentations are now publicly available for viewing.

After receiving numerous acclaimed accolades, the House of Music, Hungary has won the Special Jury Award of MIPIM Cannes, the world’s most prestigious real estate exhibition. Popularly dubbed as the real estate sector’s Academy Award, the MIPIM Awards went to a Hungarian development for the first time in its history.

Tíz kategóriában adták át a Prima Primissima díjakat idén december 3-án a Müpában. 2021-ben a Magyar építészet és építőművészet kategóriában Prima Primissima díjat kapott Kovács Csaba építész, belsőépítész, habilitált egyetemi docens, a MOME Építészeti Intézet igazgatója. Gratulálunk!

A lakhatás és az építészet kapcsolata a szakma megjelenésével egyidős, nem véletlen, hogy a téma mindig előkerül az építészetoktatásban is. A lakhatás kapcsán sokaknak komplex problémacsomag jut az eszébe: napjainkban széleskörű társadalmi problémát okoz az elérhető és egészséges lakhely előteremtése és megtartása is, amely mára már nem csak a perifériára kiszoruló csoportokat érinti.
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