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‘Ours has become an open campus engaged in constant interaction with its physical and intellectual environment.’

In July 2014, the Government of Hungary passed a resolution approving the renovation of the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design campus. What has become Hungary’s most significant creative industry investment project commenced the same year with the construction of the so-called Workshop House.

In addition to remedying the university’s old infrastructure issues, the comprehensive development project lasting until 2019 also aimed to advance MOME's role in Hungarian creative and cultural life and turn it into one of Europe’s leading art research and development hubs and an intellectual citadel of the creative industries.

‘The development of MOME is not just an infrastructure project: it also expands the university’s scope of activities, organising them around three mutually reinforcing poles.’

The renewed academic buildings support cooperative, interdisciplinary opportunities for multi-tier education. Greater focus is placed on forms of training that respond to the challenges of the 21st century, offering knowledge-enhancing skills that can be used in the creative industry, alongside undergraduate and graduate courses.

The TechPark provides the state-of-the-art workshop and studio capacity needed for education. At the same time, it offers the ideal setting for experimentation, prototyping, and the development of media content, as well as professional implementation.

The third pole provides a platform for design-based research and innovation. The university is taking initiatives to develop forms of collaboration across a broad horizon, involving both the academia and the private sector. The search for solutions to stimulate social processes and the economy is one of the fundamental tasks of this area.

Overall, the implementation of the development project has transformed the Zugliget university grounds into an open campus engaged in constant interaction with its physical and intellectual environment.


MOME BASE is where the various community and learning venues are located. It serves as the base for BA programmes and also houses activity-specific teaching spaces. The student studios can be continuously reconfigured and are designed for complex functions, supporting activities from small group teamwork to formal teaching settings and individual learning. The computer rooms and the Mobility Design Lab are also situated in this building, along with the gym at basement level.

A listed monument built in the Classicist style, the Gond-űző villa has been converted to host university receptions and exclusive events.

MOME GROUND is a centrally located space and the main entrance of the University. As a reception area, it connects to the outside world and links the different buildings on Campus. It serves as a point of arrival and orientation, as well as a space for community activities. It is the largest indoor event and exhibition venue on Campus with a capacity of 400 people and home to the Canteen. From here you can access the Library and the Reception, which is open 24/7.

MOME Campus Guide

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