Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design


Project overview
Student name
Hanna Buja
Fanni Csernátony
Product Design MA
Degree level
Design Institute
Year of project
My final project, following up on my thesis, is about exploring manuality and tacit experience.
Based on material pairings I consciously follow the production process and observe the change between my implicit knowledge and explicit attention. As a form of realisation for these material pairings I chose vessels and bowls, as they are closely connected to the human hand in function, appearance and in etymology. I used metal raising and hand forming as techniques; I consider these techniques essential. They are appropriately demanding from a physical and emotional point of view to capture my attention, and they serve as tools of meditation and therapy.
From the semantical collection of the words bowl, vessel, palm, hand, retaining, grasping, generosity and offering, I arrived to two conclusions, involving two series of objects and one stand-alone item. They are unique, one-of-a-kind collectors’ items. One series of objects investigates the connection of metal and glass, while the other explore the relation of the stand-alone object, hand and shell.
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