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Ephemeral and impermanent arts

Reception and interpretation within the awereness of evanescence
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Edit Lukács
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In my dissertation I deal with the artistic practice of the passing, more precisely with the passing as a topic in the fine arts, the related passing and time-conscious recipient behaviours, and the practice of exhibitions.
In the case of a work of art, transience may arise from its material or from a conscious creative intention, but chance may also play a role in it. Passing is a process that does not spare any work, but concentrating it in a perceptible time frame - in which passing is not only an inherent part of a work, but also a topic and an active practice - is challenging, both as a recipient and from an institutional perspective, as it fundamentally questions museological practice (exhibition, collection, etc.).
In addition to the theoretical circle of the transient and its example in contemporary art practice, I also pay special attention to the media and exhibitions that convey the works. I examine the exhibitions from the point of view of critical museology, which shows several connections with the thematization of transience. By including the examination of the exhibition as a medium, I make clear the practical conceptual and practical challenges of the museum in the light of the time component.
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