Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design

‘Let’s Teach for Hungary’ programme

Project overview
MOME joins the ‘Let’s Teach for Hungary’ programme with its own students under the agreement signed with the Ministry for Innovation and Technology.
The initiative comprising over 1,000 mentors is designed to provide help with career choice and further education to primary school pupils aged 6-14 in underdeveloped villages and small towns. The ‘Let’s Teach for Hungary’ programme is based on contemporary mentoring activities, and designed to support primary schoolers living in difficult conditions, as well as strengthen mutual learning and the communities. Mentors assigned to primary school pupils participating in the programme are tasked with showing the children the opportunities of the world outside their immediate environments and the great variety of occupations and futures they can choose from.
The goal is to help children unlock their full potential and subsequently enter the labour market. Under the collaboration between MOME and the Ministry for Innovation and Technology, MOME students can now join the programme as mentors to support the development of these children. Each student will mentor four to five primary schoolers, and chiefly focus on helping them successfully finish primary school, enter high school and then choose a career. For more information, please visit:
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