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Material and structure-based reed protection
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We work to find solutions to the challenges of protecting freshwater reedbeds. Reedbeds are natural habitats of great importance to aquatic life. However, the destruction and fragmentation of reedbeds has serious consequences for the ecosystem as a whole.
Our aim is to develop materials and structures that can help conserve and restore reedbeds. To this end, we have created a special hemp cement-based composite material that is highly durable and resistant to the effects of the aquatic environment, while at the same time degrading over time and becoming part of the ecosystem. In addition, we use digital design methods to develop forms to protect reeds. This digital generation allows us to accurately apply composite material to reedbeds, preventing their fragmentation and degradation.
We are currently building the first large-scale pilot plot on Lake Balaton, where we are testing the effectiveness and durability of the solution we have developed. If the trials are successful, we hope to apply this technology to other freshwater areas to protect and restore reedbeds. Our work aims to contribute to the conservation of freshwater reedbeds and the aquatic life they support. With this project, we want to inspire other similar initiatives to protect and restore freshwater habitats in more places around the world.
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