Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design

Oasis on Sitke

Project overview
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Blanka Kicsák
Degree level
Year of project
The purpose of the Oasis on Sitke project is to build a non-profit, sustainable community in Sitke to enable shared knowledge acquisition, resource sharing, and the development of new practices for other communities. Building on the approach of participatory design and art, I want to build a collaboration between inhabitants of the town, prospective members of the community, and MOME citizens. The first milestone in this process will be a Course Week course, in which students will work together with a care home moving shortly to Sitke to explore the relationship between the concepts of location and identity and their role in the life of older generations, and develop the plans and criteria to be used for designing the interior spaces and objects for everyday use. This way, students can learn a great deal about the theory and practice of social design, and at the same time, the organisation will also benefit a lot by learning the students’ perspective.
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