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Art thinking and design thinking in Hungarian non-profit after-school support programmes
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Adrienn Bátor
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Coming from an undergraduate degree in social sciences, it was essential for me that my professional presence take responsibility for the wider environment.
I learned during my master’s degree that this can be done not only scientifically but also creatively, innovatively and with a brave entrepreneurial spirit. During my first semester, I managed the making of an animated MOME short movie on social sensitivity. Later I joined the University’s social design group. I also worked for a summer at Pinkponilo in community building and sustainability. By now, I have been working at MITO Next for over a year to look at design as a creative process with a different mind-set. I spent half a year on Erasmus in Milan where I learned about the complex field of design communication.
The thesis analyses two different creative thinking methodologies. It presents the interpretation and comparison of the creative processes and tools of design thinking and art thinking. With the help of personal interviews, the thesis seeks answers to the question what intuitive and direct forms of these methodologies appear in after-school support institutions in the Hungarian non-profit sector. Results indicate that although none of the methodologies was consciously applied in the organizations as a whole, some of them can be found in all the social enterprises examined. Typically, in the initial phase of the business, and in the creative phases of the organization, they use art thinking methodologies while in introducing new innovations and organizational rationalization, they rely more on design thinking.
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