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Project overview
Student name
Erzsébet Jiang
Edit Szűcs
Fashion and Textile Design MA
Degree level
Design Institute
Year of project
For my graduation project I’ve chosen a musical phenomenon that currently makes waves in the Word’s pop culture scene: the K-pop.
I’m inspired by its ambiguity, how it operates with illusionistic narratives and the relation it has with the sociology of fashion and how it influences the trends. I’m researching specifically the different portrayal of male idols, trying to describe femininity and androgyny.
Some of the important definitions are iconography, idol, admiration and the detail oriented, overly choreographed alter ego that got presented on stage. I’ve designed an experimental clothing and pattern collection for men that reflects to this playful, fluid, and alternative reality.
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9 Zugligeti St,
Budapest, 1121