Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design

Re-built Glass

Investigation of waste processing in the field of glass
Project overview
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Deák Zsuzsanna Gereczné
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In the design of the glass surfaces of my masterwork, I aimed to apply a logical, simple division of folk architecture, using puritanical construction principles based on the interpretation of the original structure.
This project is partly about rethinking the process of reducing waste. On the other hand, it is about how to transform the original glass waste, and how to present this changed, new material; to explore how we can create beautiful and surprising surfaces and textures from it, for artistic works and architectural elements. In my project, my aim is to create a design in which I have tried to take into account the aspects of sustainable development. I have favoured designing for the whole production cycle, in order to protect the ecology.
My dissertation reviews the Hungarian and foreign situation of the issue and research on the topic, with the help of the Department of Materials Research in Veszprém. I then focus on my own experiments, which have yielded serious results: a new invention and new materials!
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