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Recollection Reconnection

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Dóra Erdei
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The basis of my master’s project is my grandmother’s trousseau.
I envision the memories evoked by the physical contact with the fabric. I then retrieve these memory images through sensory memory and materialise them through implicit memory. In my case, digital pattern design helps me to bring to life the intangible and imaginary through a soothing and safe medium. The result is a vibrant and memories filled home textile collection.
The thesis examines the origin, cultural and economic effects of the pattern type commonly known in Europe as Paisley. In addition to the historical issues of the pattern type, the thesis not only explores how the unique 18th century Kashmiri stole pattern, a hand-woven luxury item, became a mass-produced article, but also the evolution of the stole due to changes in the conditions of its manufacture and how this can be traced back to the Industrial Revolution and the East India Company.
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