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The space and mood-creating effect of light

Studio lamp
Project overview
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Kristóf Kovács
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Year of project
The main highlight of my diploma project is the rethinking of a studio lamp for home use.
I chose the studio lamp as a starting point because I deal with photography, and with this device you can set almost any lighting conditions in a space. The goal was mainly to help me work from home; I later developed my plans further. The current concept includes several lighting sources that allow the user to adjust the lighting of their apartment to their liking, creating different moods or space experiences.
The subject of my dissertation is the space and mood-forming effect of light, reflecting on personal and community problems. My research focuses on psychological issues such as the relationship between light and depression. What are the mental and physiological effects of the lack of light? What is the difference between natural and artificial light? What lights help you get the job done? How can we influence people with different light effects? What are the differences between functional and mood lighting? Also including the harmful effects of light. In addition, I make a proposal about what light settings are ideal in the home. What are the details you need to pay attention to if you want to make the right impact? Here I am referring to stepping up work at home or just relaxing.
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